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Government WeChat Research In The View Of Service-Oriented Government

Posted on:2017-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330503459515Subject:Public Administration
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The connotation of "service-oriented government" in the 18 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasizes the connotation of "service-oriented ", which marks the government’s determination to change minds and put the service into practice.Government Wechat is another new media platform or E-Government tool emphasizing on providing information services and innovative features, following the government affair micro blog. But the biggest problem in its development process is unclear positioning, so how to use the concept of "service-oriented government" to guide its development, which has become a problem worthy of study.To further promote development and innovation of government wechat, we must explore the position and function of the government wechat through the concept of service-oriented government. The development of government wechat can enhance the interaction between the government and the people, thus raise awareness of democratic citizenship and rights, realizing democratic administration and maintaining social harmony, stability and development. At the same time, the development of government micro channel is of practical significance to change the mode of government governance and improve the pertinence and efficiency of service.This paper tries to combine the oretical analysis and empirical research methods, focusing on the nature of the "public service" of government wechat, and research on the development and problems of government wechat. Take "Shanghai issue" as an example because it is famous but also have some typical problems in the development process. From the empirical research, I concluded all the realistic difficulties in the development of government wechat under the concept of serviceoriented government: unclear functional positioning, imperfect operating system and related mechanisms, lack of technical personnel and so on. I referenced to foreign experience and put forward the corresponding solutions in dilemma, such as recognizing the function positioning and improving the operational mechanism. According to the needs of the people’s livelihood, government wechat can broaden the types of service and improve the quality of service.In short, I hope this study will help Shanghai and the national government departments to further develop government wechat and bring it to broader development prospects.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government Wechat, Service-Oriented Government, Public Service, Development, Innovation
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