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Research On The Problems And Developing Countermeasures Of Government Wechat Based On Service Government

Posted on:2021-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330620463602Subject:Public administration
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The reform of traditional working methods is the requirement of government work in the Internet era,and it is the need to adapt to the construction of service-oriented government.A service-oriented government is a government that is established through legal procedures and has the purpose and responsibility of serving the people based on the needs of the people and on the premise of putting people first.The identity of the government has changed from the public affairs manager to a social service provider.Government WeChat is a platform for the government to carry out public service and public affairs management based on WeChat platform.Both government WeChat and service-oriented government have consistency and compatibility in terms of government governance,government information disclosureand enhancing government credibility.Making full use of government WeChat is an effective way to build a service-oriented government."Zhengding Release" is a subscription number opened by the Propaganda Department of Zhengding County Party Committee of Hebei Province.It mainly introduces Zhengding's economic and social development,and promotes Zhengding's tourism resources.In addition to the publication of information,"Zhengding Release" also has three service functions: to examine the administrative affairs,to report the pollution and to wipe out the bad guys.Through research published in "Zhengding Release",this paper summarizes the role of government WeChat in promoting the construction of service-oriented government in four aspects: disseminating effective information,narrowing the distance between the government and the people,widening the service channels and expanding the influence of the government.Government WeChat can enrich information dissemination form and improve information dissemination efficiency;the government can listen to people's voices and increase the positive interaction through the government WeChat platform;the public can use the government WeChat to achieve online business and break the geographical restrictions;the government can control public opinion through the government WeChat platform to re-mold the government image.The survey shows that the government can provide better services to the public through government WeChat.The public also expects to obtain public services through government WeChat.To build the government WeChat meets the requirements of service-oriented government construction.After all,the government WeChat is a new form of government work.On behalf of "Zhengding Release",the paper summarizes the development of the government WeChat and finds that there are four constraints on the development of the government WeChat.The constraints on the development of the government WeChat are the shortcomings of information release,the lack of service functions,the government's credibilityand the lack of long-term mechanism.From the perspective of the use and satisfaction of government wechat,in order to better meet the needs of service-oriented government,we must improve the information quality and strengthen the service function of government wechat.We should fully use official Wechat to reshape the image of the government and to improve the development environment,so that government affairs wechat in the process of building a service-oriented government gradually improved.Upgrading and reforming the wechat platform for government affairs can meet the needs and habits of the public better,citizens can enjoy higher quality social services,thus achieving the goal of building a service-oriented government.The nice operation of the government wechat not only needs to clear the responsible institutions,but also needs to perfect the various systems,at the same time,it also needs the support of the policy.The study and analysis of the problems and countermeasures of government affairs wechat in the process of building a service-oriented government is conducive to the healthy development of government affairs Wechat.It provides the decision-making reference for the building of service-oriented government.
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