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Interactive Development Strategies Between Industrial Transformation And Updating In Changsha, Zhuzhou And Xiangtan And The Higher Vocational Colleges Within The Area

Posted on:2015-04-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This essay is the study based on the industrial transformation and updating in Changsha,zhuzhou and Xiangtan. It aims to seek the positive interactive development strategies betweenindustrial transformation and updating in Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan and the highervocational colleges within the area, so that government can make better vocation educationpolicies and provide policy consult to promote interaction between industries and education.Now, the construction of the comprehensive reform experiment supporting area of two-oriented society in Chang-Zhu-Tan area has entered in to the second phase. Vocationeducation is the important of the industrial transformation. It can solve the technicaldifficulties in the industrial transformation as well as provide talents with advanced skillsconstantly for the industrial transformation.This essay analyzes the necessities of this issuefrom three aspects, in the long run, in terms of district economy, transformation and updatingis the start line in a new round of development. Whoever get the decisive occasion, who getthe key of the development of the vocational education development and is more efficient inthe industrial transformation. This essay comprehensively analyzes the present situation of theindustrial transformation in Chang-Zhu-Tan area, finds out that enterprises are in bad need oftalents with advance skills. As the development of the industrial transformation, it has higherrequirements to vocational education. This essay also analyzes the vocational education inChang-Zhu-Tan area, indicates that there are positive explore and development in theinteraction between industrial transformation and updating and the higher vocationaleducation. For instance, higher vocation education can merge into the market; create industryand teaching communication platform.However, there are also shortcomings. For instance, the development between industrialtransformation and updating and the higher vocational education is not balance, short ofinvestment, and low adaptability industrial transformation and updating and the highervocational education.The essay analyses these issues from three factors, i.e. enterprise, higherlearning institutions, policies. And provide opinions and thoughts of my own in terms ofsolving the interactive difficulties, giving interactive energies; promoting modernization ofthe educational governing system and abilities in Chang-Zhu-Tan area, initiatively buildingup job-oriented modern educational system, innovating higher vocational colleges teachingpolicies, and further improving fundamental capacity of vocational education.To hope from these aspects, improve the interaction between industrial transformation and updating in Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan area and the development of higher vocationalcolleges, and provide sound basis for the fast and healthy economic development of Chang-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan area.
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