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Research On Extensive Administration Of Academic Organizations In Newly-built Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Posted on:2020-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330575963784Subject:Higher Education
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As a typical academic organization,academic nature is its essential attribute.University's academic organization is the "social entity" of university's academic power operation.It is an important organization for university to carry out scientific research,promote the development of science and technology,train excellent talents and inherit cultural knowledge.The effective operation of university's academic organization is the material security of university's rapid development.Newly-built applied undergraduate colleges bear the main responsibility of popularization of higher education.Applied undergraduate colleges are the ideal goal of the transformation and development of newly-built undergraduate colleges to meet the needs of the times.They are the main practitioners of the popularization of higher education.The healthy operation of their academic organizations is the key link.It is of great significance to study them.Firstly,the study states the origin of the research from three aspects: research trend,development appeal and realistic presentation,expounds the significance of the research in theory and practice,and writes the research summary and research design on the basis of extensive reading of literature.At the same time,the paper defines the related concepts,such as:newly-built applied undergraduate colleges,academic organizations,extensive administration,and demonstrates the theoretical basis of stakeholder co-governance.Secondly,this paper investigates the on-the-job personnel of four newly-built applied undergraduate colleges in Anhui Province by means of survey.Through SPSS processing of the collected data,it analyses the current situation of extensive administration of academic organizations in newly-built applied undergraduate colleges.Thirdly,through the analysis,it reveals the main problems existing in the newly-built applied undergraduate colleges,and discusses the reasons of extensiveadministration of academic organizations in depth.The problems are as follows: In terms of composition rules,there is no independent managing institution,and the staff composition of academic organizations is extensive administration.The duty and authority of academic organizations is not clear,and the decision-making function is hard to operate.In terms of operation system,it is vague or not exact.And its operation effect is poor.From the aspect of safeguard supervision,the legal system is not perfect and stakeholder supervision is lacking.The reasons for its formation can be traced back to: First of all,educational system: highly centralized power;“The consciousness of confirmation of power is vague”.Next,supporting conditions: "legislation vacuum” and legal supply is inadequate.Lastly,supervision and administration: " Excellent in One Branch”;The main body of supervision is one-sided.Finally,this paper discusses the management strategy of extensive administration of academic organizations from educational system,supporting conditions and supervision and administration three dimensions by means of analyzing the problems and causes.The educational system divide the right reasonably.On the one hand,we must clarify the functional orientation of the three power systems(Politics,Administration and Academy)in colleges and universities.On the other hand,the internal structure of academic organizations must be adjusted.In terms of supporting conditions,we should improve the system of laws and regulations and fill the“legislation vacuum".For one thing,we should improve the Higher Education Law,University Charter and other relevant laws and regulations and clarify the concept of"co-governance".For another thing,the constitution construction of academic committees should be strengthened.In the supervision and administration,we should establish supervision and restriction mechanism and promote the diversification of supervision subjects.Dredging channels of supervision;improving the system of attendance;Involving stakeholders in supervision.
Keywords/Search Tags:newly-built applied undergraduate colleges, academic organization, extensive administration, stakeholder, co-governance
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