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The Innovation Research On Talent And Team Training Policy Of Regional Scientific And Technological Synergy Innovation

Posted on:2016-09-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Talent is revolutionary forces to promote social progress as the 21 st century’s most important strategic resource. Therefore, talent training is crucial. As a management tool for the promotion of regional scientific and technological collaboration and innovation,talent training policy helps to improve the talent innovative ability, cultivate more innovative quality high-level talents and promote the progress of science and society.Since the " Synergy Innovation " has been added into the national strategic level,the current scientific and technological innovation has become a new collaborative model.Talent training policy innovation must be closely linked to the national strategy, identify regional scientific and technological innovation synergy regular pattern. Talent training breaks the barriers of regional technology professionals’ resource sharing, and actively promotes the innovation process of regional scientific and technological collaboration through innovative policies.The 18 th CPC National Congress clearly propose that enhance the technological innovation-driven social development to a strategic level, full play the main role of the enterprise and the guiding role of the market, combine with the production –study –research to establish appropriate technology innovation system. To establish a technology innovation system priority, foremost it should be creative talents system and talent training policy innovation. The way of talent training from single university training is shifted to school-enterprise cooperation. The talent training theoretical knowledge is operated into practice. The talent training from single region, industry is shifted to cross-regional,cross-industry joint training to strengthen the talent innovation consciousness and ability.This article analyzes the problems of regional technology synergy talent training policy in Hunan from the view of government to develop appropriate policies to address these issues through literature research, theoretical deductive method, and comparative analysis methods. The current talent policy in Hunan should be re-planned from the top layer design, updated the regional synergy team of talent and foster innovation and technology policy ideas, innovation and technology reform and regional synergy nurture talent and team, improve regional coordination team of creative talents and nurture policy mechanisms to optimize regional scientific and technological synergy with the team to cultivate innovative talents policy regime, allowing personnel policy innovation to follow the law of regional scientific and technological innovation and synergy to improve thequality of talent innovation, training a large number of high-level innovative talents as talent training objectives and promote the progress of science and technology and society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Regional Technology Synergy, Talent Training, Policy Innovation
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