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The Investigation Of Full-time Master Of Education Degree Graduate Student’ Teaching Literacy In Jiangsu

Posted on:2016-02-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330470484108Subject:Subject teaching
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With the improvement of the degree of teachers’s pecialization and the development of the professional master degree of education training work, improving education master’s teaching literacy is becoming more and more important. This study focus on the graduate student who are full-time teaching of master degree of education in Jiangsu province and whose major is subject teaching(history) (hereinafter referred to as "education master"), and makes an extensive research on education master’s teaching literacy. The investigation of this study involves all colleges and universities in Jiangsu which open this major, included Nanjing normal university, Suzhou university Yangzhou university and Jiangsu normal university. Respondents are mainly four universities’ education master, part of the practice of the education master’s mentors, the middle school students of the practice schools, and part of middle school history teachers in Jiangsu. Through the questionnaire and individual interview, this study wants from all-round, multi-angle to understand education master on the teaching design, teaching implementation and teaching evaluation and so on at present. The investigation result shows that there is not obvious rise in the teaching literacy compared with the second-year education master and the first grade education master; Teaching practice will help promote the education master’s teaching literacy; Education master’s teaching literacy remains to be improved on the whole. The great employment pressure, the imperfect degree courses and the effectiveness of the teaching practice is not enough, which lead to the education master’s teaching literacy do not promote obviously. In the end, this study gives some advice to solve related problems. Such as education master needs to strengthen the awareness of enhancing teaching literacy, strive to improve their teaching theoretical accomplishment and actively participate in teaching practice, training units also need to strengthen the university and secondary’s contact, perfect the set of degree courses and increase the effectiveness of education practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Teaching Literacy, Full-time Edtication Master’s Degree Graduate Student, Subject Teaching(history), Teaching Practice
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