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Research Of Constructing A Quality Monitoring System Of Full-time Master’s Professional Degree Of Post-graduate Education

Posted on:2014-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Full-time master’s degree is a new thing that only appeared after2009, the mainstudent for undergraduate course graduates. Its main aim is to train higher appliedtalents with strong practical ability. Full-time master’s degree is a hot topic in thecurrent social development of our country, as an important part of graduate education,its training quality stand will affect the entire graduate training quality directly, so it isimportant for us to research how to build a full-time master’s professional degreegraduate education quality monitoring system, guarantee the full-time master’sprofessional degree graduate training quality. For it has both theoretical and practicalvalue.From theoretical sense, to research the construction of the quality monitoringsystem, may let us understand the full-time master’s degree deeply, full-time master’sdegree graduate student have an accurate positioning, and find the difference betweenfull-time academic degree and Full-time professional degree clearly, its specialcultivation objectives and requirements, and can enrich the quality monitoring andcontrol aspects of the theory, so that this research has certain scientific research value,to build a Chinese characteristics of full-time master’s professional degree graduateeducation quality monitoring system has important significance. From the point ofpractical significance, is not only in full-time master’s professional degree graduateeducation quality monitoring system has useful reference guide, and to satisfy theneeds of times and social innovation spirit and strong ability of high quality appliedtalents.The author of this article mainly uses the historical method, comparative method,literature analysis and data query method to analyze the construction of full-timemaster’s professional degree graduate education quality monitoring system. Full-timemaster’s professional degree graduate education in China is presented in this paper thestatus quality control, to set up the full-time master’s professional degree graduateeducation quality monitoring system and the necessity of full-time master’s degree inChina at present main problems of quality control of graduate education, namely,there is a deviation monitoring points to a disequilibrium, monitoring time and space,and information feedback mechanism is not sound, on the basis of detailed analysis,further discusses the constructing professional full-time master’s degree graduate education quality monitoring system in China’s basic principle and basic train ofthought, and put forward the perfect our country the full-time master’s professionaldegree graduate education quality monitoring system of some strategies: to give fullplay to the government’s leading role, fully arouse the enthusiasm of the Chinesesociety, clarify the core status of the school.Constructing a Full-time master’s professional degree graduate education qualitymonitoring system is a program which needs a continuously explore and a long timeresearch, and improve in the process of practice constantly, to construct this kind ofQuality monitoring system first need is the renewal of ideas, followed by thecooperation of government, society and universities.
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