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Research On The Strategy Of Building A Team Of Ordinary High School Subjects Based On The Perspective Of Learning Organization

Posted on:2018-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2357330518978767Subject:Education management
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In the 21 st century,countries around the world carried out various educational reforms to adapt to social needs,among which promoting lifelong learning and the establishment of learning organization,has become the world's educational reform trend.Building a learning-based faculty team becomes an important direction for teachers to continuously improve their professional skills.Researches to this area are abundant in colleges and universities while researches are few in primary and secondary schools.The author introduces the present status and problems in senior high school so as to arouse people's attention to the building of discipline-teams,especially learning-based teams.Based on the learning organization theory,this paper puts forward the strategy of building a learning-based team from the aspects of “endogenous” construction and external construction,and provokes the thinking to the modern school management mechanism.At the same time,it offers a good example to improve the construction of proficient discipline-teams in senior high school.This paper,based on the latest theories of both at home and abroad,sets its theoretical basis on the construction of a learning-based team and research group,which also combines the five aspects of learning organization theory,five practice methods and the characteristics of the discipline-team.The author then builds a questionnaire on the construction of the subject team and the outline of the interview.Taking the subject team of a typical high school in the Xinhui District as an example,the questionnaires and interviews are used to investigate the present problems of the discipline construction.And then the reasons for the problems in the discipline-team construction are analyzed from the aspects of subject teachers,subject team captain,subject team,school and education policy.Finally,combining with the theory of learning organization and the five practice methods,the author puts forward the strategies of construction learning group in the ordinary high school from the two aspects of "endogenous" construction and external construction.Among them,the "endogenous" construction includes the following six measures:(1)subject teachers should have a clear personal development goals,and the action of improving self-transcendence;(2)"five-step" practice subjectmental model;(3)to use system thinking tools reasonably to improve the systematic thinking ability of subject teachers;(4)to train coach team leader to strengthen the competency of discipline-team leader;(5)to rebuild the team structure and common vision of the team;(6)to expand the forms of team learning and develop a team of learning team.External construction includes the following five measures:(1)the school gradually improve the disciplinary team's authority system,learning system,incentive system;(2)the establishment of evaluation system to the teachers---"more than two" systems;(3)school has to put more investment to the funds and human resources;(4)to cooperate with universities to carry out high-level and high-quality professional training;(5)to deepen the reform of high school curriculum and examination system,the introduction of the discipline-team to promote the development of the school,and introduce more educational policies to promote the development of discipline-team.This paper has six chapters.The first chapter introduces the domestic and international background of research,the meaning of high school research in theory and in concrete teaching application,the research status of discipline-team.The research thinking,contents and methods and are also included in this chapter.The second chapter is the literature review of the learning-based organization,the definitions of discipline-team,the learning-based organization,and learning-based team.In the third chapter,the author mainly analyzes the present situation of the discipline-team in senior high school.In the fourth chapter,the author analyses the reasons for the level of the construction of the discipline-team is not high in subject teachers,team captain,discipline-team,school and education policy.The five chapter mainly puts forward the strategy of construct high competent discipline-team in senior high school from the aspects of “endogenous” construction and external construction.The sixth chapter describes the research conclusions,innovations,shortcomings and prospects.This research broadens the use of learning organization theory,and provides reference for the building of discipline-team in other school.
Keywords/Search Tags:learning-based, senior high school, discipline-team, construction
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