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Research On The Influence Of Vocational Education On Rural Surplus Labor Transfer In Hubei Province

Posted on:2017-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M J TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330488487226Subject:Rural and Regional Development
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Hubei province is a big agricultural province in China. This province has a large amount of surplus rural labor force that are not fully employed and reasonably shunted, which restricts the development of rural regional economy. Modern economy development relies on science and technology.For most rural labor force,they will get some labor skills and practical abilities after vocational education,what’s more,they will get more chances to get a job and more choices to choose.The first chapter of this paper tells about the research purpose and significance of the topic, lists the researches of domestic and overseas experts’and scholars’researches on the topic.On the bases of relevant theories,the second chapter is about the present situation and problems of rural vocational education.The third chapter analyses the present situation and problems of rural surplus labor transfer.rural vocational education in Hubei province did not fully play its proper role in the process of rural surplus labor transfer.The fourth chapter analyses the effects of vocational education on rural surplus labor transfer.Vocational education can increase labor force’s transfer ability and employment opportunities,vocational education can also improve peasant’s quality and promote development of economic.The fifth chapter puts forward the effective measures to promote the development of vocational education in Hubei province.Firstly,the government should emphasis on vocational education,and promote vocational education; Secondly,the education department should reform their teaching model,contents and strengthen the applicability of enterprise technology update;Thirdly,the education department and enterprise department should cooperate to formulate personnel training mode which meets the needs of the enterprise;Finally,vocational education ought to establish a unified information platform of labor force, employment management system, so that the transfer of rural surplus labor force will be more effective and orderly.The sixth chapter enumerates a successful case in Hubei province, Hubei Shiyan "sunshine project".It has been proved that strengthening the vocational education of rural labor can effectively promote the transfer of employment.At last,this article has carried on the summary, all departments in Hubei province should fully realize the importance of vocational education, and call for reform of vocational education in Hubei province, then strengthen the development of the employment training mechanism, in order to promote the transfer of rural surplus labor in Hubei province, which plays a important in the development of the whole national economy and society.
Keywords/Search Tags:vocational education, rural surplus labor, transfer, structural disequilibrium
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