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Research On Problems Of Rural Surplus Labor Transfer

Posted on:2013-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330395466655Subject:Social work
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The thesis is being based on the local research facts and related’statistics, studying Kezuozhongqis rural surplus labor transfer and identifythe existing problems and their causes, then making some useful suggestions.The thesis consists of three parts: the introduction, the main three chaptersand conclusion:The introduction, mainly introduces the background and significance ofthis thesis, research methods and the summary of transfer of rural surpluslabor force at home and abroad.The first chapter mainly analyzes the status quo of Kezuozhongqi’srural surplus labor. Based on the detailed description of the local instance,the thesis analyzes Kezuozhongqi’s rural surplus labor contemporarysituation, and finds their problems.The content of second chapter is about the main analysis ofK’ezuozhongqis rural surplus labor transfer problem and causes. Byanalyzing the status quo of this area and finding the problems in the transferof Kezuozhongqi labor force. The writer tries to find the causes thatinfluence the transfer of this area, such as economic, institutional, personaland some other reasons. Then, this lays the foundation for the suggestionson the labor transfer.The third chapter puts forward some suggestions on Kezuozhongqi’srural surplus labor transfer. For example, the role of the government,promotion of the orderly transfer of rural labor, the establishment of surplusrural labor employment service system, improvement of the quality of laborforce, the adjustment of economic structure, expansion of the space of labortransfer, improvement of the social security system.At last, the writer makes a comprehensive summary and draws aconclusion, reiterating the suggesti’ons on Kezuozhongqis the rural surplus labor transfer problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Farmers, Surplus labor, Problems, Causes, Suggestions
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