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Research Of Rural Surplus Labor Transfer And Adult Education Development

Posted on:2012-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q S WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2217330338471539Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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For a long time, the level of social and economic development in rural areas is relatively dropped behind; rural-urban gap is relatively larger. The focal point of the major task of building a moderately prosperous society is on rural areas, difficulties are also on rural areas. Goal of building a new socialist countryside is to both urban and rural areas in the current dual structure, based on the city to create a good mechanism that a farmer both can go can return home and be able to flow freely between urban and rural areas, which in time And space for the modernization of China has won more leeway.From the current stage of view, transfer of rural labor in China is still the major economic and social development strategy. However, currently the quality of China's rural labor force is generally low, which has trapped the transfer of rural surplus labor in China into great difficulties. As an important factor of the impact to transfer of labor, rural labor force quality requires more attention and development. Therefore, the development of adult education in rural areas is even more urgent, the research in this area is even more necessary. At present, how to properly resolve the transfer of rural labor, how to achieve full employment of rural labor force in our country is still a major issue that we are facing for a long period of timeIn this paper, as the background of a new socialist countryside construction, we analyzed current situation of the transfer of rural labor force and the and analyzed the current existing problems, then come the conclusion that the most fundamental reason of rural labor transfer is the level of labor quality, and then used the Sjaastad Model to analyze the impact of the labor quality to the rural labor transfer, from the aspect of labor transfer rate, total income, per capita net income, duration of work. Then used the empirical analysis to prove the model, Then analyzed the adult education transfer of rural labor force in the special effects, including the cultural quality of the rural labor force, skill quality, physical and mental qualities and moral law in areas .Finally, to improve the quality of rural labor-related policies and proposals ,we put forward some specific measures to improve the development of adult education in rural areas,hope to promote rational and effective transfer of rural labor to speed up building of socialist new countryside.In this paper, through the establishment of Sjaastad Model, we improved the existing model based on the actual situation of China's labor force .Then we added the quality of labor factor to the model the in the analysis. After obtaining data through visits to actual survey, I used the empirical analysis on the labor force from the academic labor transfer rate, total income, per capita net income, duration of work, the use of data were analyzed to prove the quality factors of labor effects existing, the model setup and analysis method are good innovations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural Surplus Labor, Transfer, Adult Education, Model Analysis
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