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Research On Drinking Water Safety And Management In City

Posted on:2019-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J QianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330602970115Subject:Public Administration
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The reliable supply of high quality and safe drinking water is the foundation of healthy society and its economic development.However,the safety of drinking water has been greatly threatened by the environmental pollution.Meanwhile,with the improvement of living standards,people have not only satisfied the safe drinking water,but also hope to enjoy the beauty and health of the safe drinking water.The responsibility for drinking water safety and governance is not only in the water supply units,but also in the close cooperation between the government,enterprises,and the public.Taking Shaoxing as an example,this thesis creatively conducts in-depth research on the safety and governance of drinking water,from the perspective of whole process and whole system.Firstly,this thesis introduces the background,significance,and the current research situations for urban drinking water safety and governance,at home and abroad.The research objectives and contents,methods and routes,innovation and shortcomings are also explained.The two concepts of security protect of city's drinking water and water supply system are described,and the two basic theories of public goods and externalizations are elaborated.The definition and connotation of safe and healthy drinking water are discussed.Secondly,an in-depth study on the safety and governance of drinking water in Shaoxing City is conducted.The current status of "Three Sources and Three Plants" in Shaoxing City,water source protection rules and regulations,and ecological compensation mechanisms are summarized.An investigation and analysis of water plant management and protection and emergency protection is conducted.The current status of the water network security,the condition of secondary water supply,and the user-end water quality in Shaoxing City are investigated.Suggestions and measures are given on how to improve the water quality management model,standardize the standard for the use of unified water supply pipes,and guide users' rational water use habits.Through the analysis of the"Yellow Water" problem,the "big ice" problem,and the "Smart Pipe Network" of the intelligent operation of water supply,the experience and advantages are summarized to provide reference for the country to issue relevant management policies and governance measures.Finally,Shaoxing's practices in drinking water safety and governance are summarized from aspects of water protection,water purification,and pipe network management.In view of the problems of drinking water in Shaoxing,combined with domestic and foreign research,suggestions on the safety and improvement of drinking water are put forward.The suggestions,in the whole process from water source to faucet,contain the protection of water source,the improvement of the quality of the water from the factory,and the optimization of the water quality to the household.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shaoxing City, Drinking water, Safety, Governance, Water supply system
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