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Research On CSTS Cross-Cultural Management Communication

Posted on:2015-11-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D M SiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330467986135Subject:Business administration
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In today’s rapid development, multinational companies business is becoming a particular mature group in China, In the process of refinement of management, different problems also gradually appeared, and cross-cultural management communication problem is one of the most obvious problem, this article will focus on this, analysis the reasons of the problems, puts forward the reasonable solution such as system construction to solve the problems existing in the management of cross-cultural communicationThe author as a member of CSTS, Using the company as interview object, respectively against multiple departments within the company, and a number of management personnel, in the form of interview, questionnaire and so on, to understand the company present situation, to understand current situation of company management and cross-cultural communication in communication, and found the problem through the actual materials, explores the root cause. Mainly divided into the following sections:The first part:introduction. Elaborating the research background, research purpose and meaning of this article, the research content and basic method.The second part:the analysis and review of cross-cultural management in the field of communication research situation at home and abroad, this paper introduces the basic theory of management communication, summarizes the positive results of management communication theory research has achieved. Distinguish the relationship between the communication, management communication, and cross-culturalThe third part:this paper summarizes the present status of CSTS company management communication, and analyzed problems existing in the communication from several aspects t. Cross-cultural management to produce CSTS company communication at the root of the problem. The root cause and factors of influencing cross-cultural management communication is analyzedThe fourth part:put forward the basic thought to solve the problem of cross-cultural management communication and the specific measures for CSTS Company. From the race, nationality diversity, cultural diversity, employment pattern diversification aspects, understanding cultural diversity, strengthening the construction of enterprise culture, choice of communicate way to realize the effective communication of cross-cultural management.The fifth part:conclusion and prospect. A general summary of full text, put forward the value of studying the foreign capital enterprise cross-cultural management communication problems, and puts forward the main research results and the insufficiency, and the direction of further study.The study has certain reference value for international company to resolve the management communication challenge brought by labor diversification and also to ensure the management communication will be more micro, deeper, concrete, and more efficient.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cross-cultural management communication, cultural difference, labordiversification
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