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A Report On English-Chinese Translation Of The Printed Circuit Report(Excerpt)

Posted on:2018-12-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2335330518484868Subject:English Translation
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After more than half century's development,China's printed circuit industry grows out of nothing and now becomes strong and mature,occupying around half of the world printed circuit industry's 60 billion dollars value in 2016.PCB industry is an important part of the electronic industry and displays a nourishment prospect.It is important to grasp the latest industry development and news to guide China's PCB industry.So it is meaningful to translate this The Printed Circuit Report.This is a report on translation of The Printed Circuit Report,a market research report on Printed Circuit Board industry development by an America professional research institution.This translation project is appointed by a PCB company in Shenzhen,which is also the top 100 PCB manufacture in the world.The translated paper will be the inside training material for its sales department.The report has made systematical research on the stature of PCB industry and its future development from the region and supply chain aspect.The paper chooses the first two chapter to translate.This translation project is under the guidance of Newmark's communicative translation theory and based on the principle of accurate,professional,and regulatory to make the reader easy to understand.The translation report consists of five chapters: Chapter one is the translation project description,including the project background,significance and the report structure.Chapter two concerns the introduction of the source text which helps to chose the translation theory specifically,including the background and main contents of the source text,and also the linguistic features and type of text.Chapter three describes the translation process,namely the preparation,planning and alteration after translation.Chapter four is the most pivotal part of the report,illustrating the translation difficulties and methods which includes reappearing,meaning translation,restructuring,conversion between actives and passives,and amplification.The last chapter five is a summary of this report,including the experience and lessons learned of this translation.The accomplishment of this project may provide some dates and latest views and prospects of the market to China's PCB industry,hoping this market grow fast and steady.
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