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A Report On The Translation Of Chinaberry (Excerpt) From The Perspective Of Communicative Translation Theory

Posted on:2017-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This translation report is based on the translation of Chinaberry(excerpt),written by American novelist and poet James Still who is dubbed as the spokesman of Appalachian Literature in the 20 th century.His novel Chinaberry includes many detailed descriptions of characters and rich expression of emotion and embodies author's plain and simple writing style,presenting readers with a magnificent and pristine image of western America.This is an excellent literary work worth introducing to Chinese readers.The translation volume is about 40000 words.My partner and I cooperate to do the translation.I'm responsible for the translation of this novel from chapter 9 to 13.This translation report will introduce the translation background,pre-translation preparation,translation process and problems I meet and the solutions to them.According to Newmark's theory on communicative translation,the understanding and reaction of target-language readers are quite crucial and the translator should reorganize the language structure of source text and make it fluent and idiomatic in target-language.The translated text should conform with target readers' reading habits and thinking pattern.Therefore,the translator has to express the thoughts,meaning and style of original text to readers with the pattern and features of the target language.Guided by the theory,I mainly employ domestication method and free translation to convey thoughts and features of this novel to Chinese readers from three aspects(the lexical level,sentence structure,writing style)in a target-language environment,hoping a better understanding of the author's thoughts,attitudes and style among target-language readers.I want to improve my translation skills and ability through this translation practice.And I do want to enhance my literature appreciation and understanding of translation.In following translation report,efforts will be made to do a comprehensive and detailed analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinaberry, communicative translation, target language, translation strategies
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