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A Report On Translation Of Short Stories Of Fortune Smiles

Posted on:2019-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The translation material of this translation report is excerpted from Adam Johnson's short stories Fortune Smiles.This collection of short stories won the US National Book Award in 2015,and has been highly acclaimed by American critics and writers.The short story explores rare topics and provides a brand new perspective for us to examine the world.Reading this work can be an interesting challenge for readers.Therefore,translating this novel is a significant attempt.This translation practice employs the communicative translation theory to explore relevant translation skills.Communicative translation takes target language readers as orientation,and it indicates that the translation should be idiomatic and target readers are not expected to produce any difficulties or obstacles.Based on communicative translation,some considerable adjustments to the semantic,syntactic and contextual level are made by employing certain translation methods and techniques.Accordingly,conversion,alternative,division,extension,addition and annotation are adopted to make the translation idiomatic,effective and elegant,thus enhancing the readability of the translation.The translator strives to seek an equivalent effect for the target readers,which is no less than it produces on the English readers.Through the translation practice,the translator hopes that the study could offer some enlightenment and insights for the translation of short stories,and trigger target readers' interest to learn more about Adam Johnson and his literary works.
Keywords/Search Tags:translation of short story, communicative translation, target language, translation skills
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