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The Construction Of Service-oriented Policing Mode Under New Public Management System

Posted on:2016-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330485454337Subject:Public administration
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Since the 21st Century, in the face of the new public administration movement, the Central Committee put forward the administrative reformation plan of establishing new service-oriented government. As a government functional department which is closest to the people, the reformation of the public security organ is inevitable. The service-oriented police work, as a completely new police work mode which is service focus, attaches great attention to public relationship and performance assessment, puts emphasis on the change of functional structure, not only reflects the thought of new public administration movement, but also conforms to the requirements of service-oriented government. Thus, it is not doubt the best direction for the police work reformation. In 2007, the public security frontier inspection organ which garrisons the front-line of China firstly presents an idea of “service-oriented” and explores the service-oriented police work. As the performer of this idea, Tianjin Frontier Inspection Station made significant effort during its 8 years? service improvement work?hereinafter referred to as “Service Improvement”?.This thesis, by means of document reading, individual case research, systematic analysis and comparative analysis, etc., studies service-oriented police work in the background of service-oriented government based on wide reading of relevant materials and also through the study on the Service Improvement performed by Tianjin Frontier Inspection Station, analyzes the strategies and measures taken in the Service Improvement and summarizes possible problems during the process, thus finally makes a conclusions as follows: to realize service-oriented police work, we must establish correct public security administrative idea, change the past administrative mode, set up complete police human resource management strategy, create favorable public relationship and speed up the public security information construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:policing reform, service-oriented policing, New Public Management, service-oriented government
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