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A Research On Curriculum Construction Of Working Process Systemization

Posted on:2016-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330488479371Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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With the development of social economy,the state attaches great importance to vocational education.The talent training patterns in the secondary vocational schools are always in innovation.The curriculum system construction has always been leading in the personnel training.Some secondary vocational schools lack proper understanding of the curriculum system construction and they ignore the study of theory and practice,as a result,the development of curriculum system reform is hindered to a deeper level.The construction of the curriculum system with the systematic working proces is based on procedural knowledge and the laws of students’ professional growth and cognitive characteristics are all taken into consideration.Whether the curriculum system has applicability,it will directly influence the realization of the talents training goals of secondary vocational schools.With the rapid development of secondary vocational education in our country,more and more scholars will focus on the construction of the curriculum system with the systematic working process.On the one hand,this paper uses the methods of literature and questionnaire,analyzing and sorting experts and experienced teachers’ suggestions and comments on the curriculum system reform,which provides a strong support for the research.On the other hand,through the case study method,typical cases are given in-depth analysis.The procedures,steps and the ideas of the construction of the curriculum system with the systematic working process are made clear.Based on the analysis of typical tasks,proper situation is established,studying the construction of the curriculum system with the systematic working process.The new teaching pattern taking the students as the key roles and teachers as the leading roles is formed,making it become the main thread of the curriculum reform in secondary vocational schools.The research is based on the curriculum system construction in the computerized accounting major in A secondary vocational school.Relying on the personnel training goals of the major,the curriculum system with the systematic working process is constructed.The combination of curriculum and career,theory and practice,certificate-obtaining and competition are all realized.The mechanism of university-enterprise cooperation and work-integrated learning is perfected,achieving the win-win situation between universities and enterprises.The cultivated graduates are more corresponding with the needs of enterprises and society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Secondary vocational schools, Courses, Curriculum system, The sy stematic working process
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