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The Research On Educational Practice Track And Field Teaching Ability Of Beijing Sport University Undergraduate In Physical Education

Posted on:2018-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515456402Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Education practice education is to cultivate sports talents of the main means and methods,is the main characteristic of sports colleges and universities teaching plan and an important part,is to cultivate qualified middle school physical education teachers,vocational training of teachers,understand the basic current situation of the development of middle and primary school sports,to examine the effects of school-running orientation and teaching an important practice,it also is important mode of the combination of theory and practice of students.By the education internship,interns can a preliminary understanding of primary and secondary schools sports education content,education management,the demand of extracurricular sports activities,etc,to cultivate and exercise intern's ability to work independently,make the interns to be able to do all the work of physical education teachers.Physical education internship make internship experience in practice what they have learned,found the shortage of their own is also a comprehensive inspection of the school education work,promote the deepening teaching reform,improve the teaching quality of physical education in colleges and universities.The research purpose of this paper is through the questionnaire survey,primary and secondary school teachers,interview,mathematical statistics and other methods of Beijing sport university sports education professional students with the practical situation of the education internship to investigate,understand the Beijing primary and secondary school track and field sports of the actual situation and new development trend in the physical education,thus it is concluded that under the new situation of the effective development of track and field course for PE teachers of primary and secondary schools track and field teaching ability which aspects of demand,and thus to compare Beijing sports university sports education specialized curriculum and the teaching of live,to analyze the direction of Beijing sports university track and field training effect,whether the training outline is proper,whether with primary and secondary school physical education,conform to the contemporary primary and secondary schools the employer's requirements.Through the investigation and study concluded that(1)Track and field sports is an important content of the development of primary and secondary school physical education,in the concrete to go running,jumping and shooting project found that walk,run sports than jumping and shooting more class projects.(2)2013,Beijing sports university sports education professional internships in the basic classroom teaching ability development not balanced,the organization might strengthen teaching ability.(3)Interns of track and field theory,specific programs to students of different age paragraph the exercise value and method of master is not comprehensive and in-depth.(4)Beijing sports university sports education professional track and field teaching syllabus and primary and middle school "sports and health" related target,content and scheduling,the phenomenon such as there is a big difference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Physical Education Major, Educational Practice, Track and field, Teaching Ability
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