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Research On Present Conditions And Proposal About Preschool Education Curriculum Setting Of Secondary Vocational School

Posted on:2018-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Preschool education is the foundation of basic education.Children are the hope of the family and the future of the country & the nation.Pre-school education is not only related to childrenís lifelong development,but also closely relevant to the development of the society.The opening of a comprehensive Two Child Policy and the increase of school-age children make the development of pre-school education confront enormous challenges and pressures.On the one hand,the lack of kindergarten teacher resources is the prominent contradiction of the current development of preschool education in our country,shortage of teachers is about 3.5million which cannot be resolved in a short period of time;on the other hand,many teachersí ethics,capabilities and quality problems occur frequently while increasing the number of teachers at the same time.The problems of preschool teacher education emerge in an endlessly.Tracing to its source,training system and the quality of kindergarten teachers in preschool education are closely relevant and the curriculum has been attributed to the influence factors of quality of preschool teachers training.At present,China mainly has three hierarchies of training institutions which are undergraduate,vocational colleges and secondary vocational school.The curriculum deployment issues exist in all levels of preschool education in different extents.As one of the significant institutions for training preschool children,secondary vocational school graduates play an important role in urban,rural areas and the institutions with weak preschool education resources.In this paper,preschool education curriculum of a vocational school located in Kunming city is set as the research object.Analyzing from three aspects of the curriculum objectives,content and structure combined with the survey feedback on the curriculum from the internship students and summed up the issues & influencing factors of preschool education curriculum to put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions to optimize the curriculum setting.This study is discussed in four segments:Part 1,starting from the research background to determine the topic.Define the content and methodology of the research through literature reviews and concept definition to elaborate the purpose and significance of the researchPart 2,collect the curriculum theories according to state policies and study the theoretical & policy basis of the curriculum provision of preschool education major in secondary vocational school to establish the foundation for bringing up and analyzing the curriculum setting issues.Part 3,according to the theory and policy basis and analyze the case schoolís plans and scheme from the curriculum goal,content and structure perspective to sum up the existing curriculum issues: inaccurate curriculum goals,un-systematical curriculum content and unreasonable curriculum structures.In combination with the above issues,the author summarizes five factors that affect the curriculum setting including legislative requirements,training equipment,teacherís quality,studentís quality and the cooperation between schools and enterprises.Part 4,but not the least,combining the factors analysis,the author puts forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions for the curriculum design of the preschool education major in the selected school so as to be beneficial to the training quality of the teaching and students majored in preschool education.
Keywords/Search Tags:curriculum, curriculum setting, secondary vocational school, preschool education major
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