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The Study Of Group Work In Role Adaption Issue Of The Enterprise New Employees

Posted on:2018-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330563952254Subject:Master of Social Work
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From school into the workplace,it's a turning point and also a challenge for many graduated college students.On the one hand,they may still maintained a strong scholar breath and can't adapt to this strange enterprise environment well;On the other hand,enterprise accepts these new students employees,it will give and create a good working environment and atmosphere for them,providing them a series of hardware and software service,letting them to adapt to the working environment as soon as possible,in order to create benefits for enterprise.They can produce a series of problems in the process because of the role transformation,like anxiety impetuous,colleagues in tension,unclear self-awareness and so on.However,this transformation process is not achieved overnight,which will need a period of time to adapt and coordinate.If handled properly,they will pass the transition period successfully,adapted to the enterprise's work and life as soon as possible;If mishandled,which are bad for their physical and mental development in the future.When enterprise faces these new staff questions,it's simply use the early recruiting training,lacking of pertinence and sustainability.Group work is deeply loved by workers and the service objects because of its interesting and lively character,it has a good intervention effect on the common problems of group,which has profound theoretical and practical significance.This study based on what the author saw and heard during the internship in B enterprise,combined with social work of the group dynamics theory,demand hierarchy theory,roles and development orientation of the professional theories and ideas,using the literature research,questionnaire,interview and participation observation comprehensively,designing group activities of different themes for 12 B enterprise new employees,the author as a group of workers have been joined them all the time.In this process,the author use the rating scale of mental health assessment scale(SCL-90),group process and group satisfaction assessment scale,and subjective understanding of the group members before and after the test,and interview investigation,integration of the above information to evaluate group activity intervention effect,drawing the conclusions: the group work intervented in new employees of B enterprise is feasible,group work can solve the new employees role adaptation issue well.Finally,the author has carried on the summary and reflection,analyzing the deficiency of group work,in order to improve myself and the professional development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Group work, new employees in enterprise, role adaption issue
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