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Research On Brain Drain In Scientific Research Institutions

Posted on:2018-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Scientific research institutions have been in the core position of China’s scientific and technological innovation system.And they have always been the place where high-end talents gather in our country.But in recent years,with the globalization of world economy,especially in the Internet era,the state advocate " Mass entrepreneurship and innovation ",a large number of scientific and technical personnel leave from scientific research institutions,and this caused a huge loss of talent.It has a profound impact on the rapid development of China’s equipment manufacturing and other core areas.Some domestic scholars have studied on the brain drain of enterprises and institutions.However,as a special group in the institutions,scientific research institution,scholars at home and abroad have little research on their brain drain.And there is no systematic description of reasons for the loss of talents in scientific research institutions,and countermeasures to solve the problem of brain drain of scientific research institutions are not specific enough.So we will begin with this study.Study on a institute of AVIC as the research object.We will learn from the brain drain model and incentive theory,using the combination of theoretical and empirical research methods,find out the key factors for the loss of talent to build talent turnover factors system,analysis of the causes of talent loss,put forward suggestions and measures to prevent the brain drain of the reasonable.This article is divided into seven chapters.The first chapter is the introduction.It introduces the research background and significance,describes the research status at home and abroad,and briefly describes the research ideas and methods.The second chapter introduces relevant concepts and theories,introduces the concept of talent and brain drain in institutions and research institutions,and introduces some incentive theory.The third and the fourth chapter is the empirical research on the talents of the institute of AVIC loss problem,analysis of the past ten years of talent loss data,and emphatically analyzes the specific characteristics in recent 5 years,the loss of talent to carry out questionnaire survey based on 2 years of staff,statistics obtained brain drain key factors,construction the brain drain factor system.The fifth part probes into the deep reasons according to the influence factors,and points out the existing problems and shortcomings in the human resource management measures of the institute of AVIC.The sixth part puts forward countermeasures and suggestions to solve the brain drain problem of the institute.The seventh chapter,concluding remarks,summarizes the main conclusions.This research provides a reference for scientific research institutions to prevent the loss of talent,to improve human resource management level.And this research also provides a reference of promoting the reform of different categories of China’s scientific research units.This has high research value.
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