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Research On The Training Strategy Of "double-type" Teachers In Secondary Vocational Schools

Posted on:2017-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2357330488977598Subject:Education management
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Vocational education is to cultivate constructive skills and production skills and management skills of front-line services and personnel,for vocational education must have high-quality,high-level,highly skilled teachers,not only has the ability to impart knowledge,but also need to educate students basic knowledge,but we can guide students to apply their knowledge in practice the knowledge into productivity.Therefore,the " double-qualification " teachers are currently various vocational schools in very short supply of talent,so to achieve the purpose of vocational education is facing great difficulties,but can not improve the quality of personnel,vocational education and training of personnel has become a stumbling block on the road,also Colleges must again become a bottleneck.Therefore,it is imperative to build " Doublequalification " teachers,only teachers can be protected,the school’s development will stand on the solid rock.Therefore,the "Double-qualification " teachers Construction,vocational education as the brunt of the current target.Based on the cultivation of the " double-qualification " teachers present situation and existing problems,and with the help of interview method and literature method and questionnaire survey of "double-qualification " teachers in the difficulties and problems existing in the training process,analyzed one by one,the main problem the reason: the training objectives of "double-qualification" teachers is not clear;"doublequalification" teachers’ training mechanism is not perfect;For the "doublequalification" teacher training management level needs to improve;"doublequalification " teachers’ self development consciousness is weak;Enterprise practice did not play the corresponding role,"double-qualification " teachers and the actual production of derailment,lack of corresponding incentive countermeasures.According to the problems of cultivating dual teachers,this study analyzed systematically and deeply.To ensure the condition,put forward to promote the secondary vocational school in “double qualification " teacher development,a series of countermeasures,to learn from at home and abroad " double teacher type " teachers training to achieve successful advanced experience,fully mining school,enterprise,government department of education resources and the environment,and further clear“double qualification" teachers of the connotation of development,and actively explorethe “double qualification " teachers training and development model,combined with the Dalian City,a secondary school teacher professional development practice,to explore the " double teacher type " teachers training and development of the basic principles and effective measures of “double qualification" teacher development to improve vocational education practice teaching effect,promote vocational education development.The training mode of innovative occupation schools "double Teachers",make our country’s occupation education can go on a healthy and rapid development of the road.
Keywords/Search Tags:secondary vocational school, "double qualification" teacher, training
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