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Based On The Factors Of "double Type" Teachers Training Strategy Research

Posted on:2014-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330398958201Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Objective of vocational education lies in training technology-oriented andskills-oriented talents of production, management, construction and services.In orderto achieve the goal, put forward higher request for the teachers.Not only to teachstudents the basic knowledge and expertise, but also has the capability of guidingstudents to practice. They are known as "double qualification" teacher. Without such ahigh quality of "double qualification " teacher, vocational education training objectivecannot be achieved, its quality will be difficult to ensure. However, construction of the"double qualification" teacher’s is lagging behind the actual demand. Thecontradiction has restrictted the healthy development of vocational education.It isimposible to train qualified talent without qualified teachers. Thus,the survival anddevelopment of vocational colleges relys on the construction of "double qualification" teacher. Construction of the "double qualification" teachers’ should become thecurrent need for vocational education,who can meets the markets demand,has highquality.At the sanme time,it also has a positive significance.Based on such a research background, this article of research from status andproblems of contradiction of”double qualification”, through a questionnaire survey,researchs the current problems.They are: shortage of "double qualification "teacher,large amount of teaching, they have no time to develop; single source;withoutunified standards;poor professional skills, missing internship exercises;shortage of“part-time”teachers from businesses;teacher’s incentive policies are not perfect.For these problems, this study made a systematic and in-depth analysis. This views are:theenterprise is lack of sense of responsibility and a sense of obligation,because of different interestsbetween the enterprise and occupation school.That is the mian rease the enterprise is not willing toparticipate in the construction of “Double qualification ".The low degree of attention ofteachers,poor basic ability of service for the enterprise and deficiency of function of govemmentin the construction of the "double qualification" teacher’s constraint the development of "doublequalification" teacher in some sence.On the above basis,as the end point and the end-result of thisstudy, is to discuss strategys of “double qualification" teachers’s construction through school-enterprise cooperation..First of all, teachers should be self development; Secondly,occupation school should do: create a good environment for the construction of the “doublequalification" teacher;Thirdly,the enterprise should do:cactively participate the construction of the“double qualification" teacher;Finally, the government should do: provide policy and economicsecurity for the construction of the “double qualification" teacher.
Keywords/Search Tags:school-enterprise cooperation, "Double qualification" teacher, training, strategy
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