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Status And Optimization Of Performance Management Of State-owned Bank A Tongling Development Zone Branch

Posted on:2018-04-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330515488550Subject:(professional degree in business administration)
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In the current Internet financial business expansion,new payment instruments is increasing,the new situation and the Bank’s business scope gradually liberalized,our state-owned banks are experiencing more intense living environment.In addition to the promotion of the traditional business varieties,market share and other operating pressures to seize,commercial banks to grab the talent is increasingly hot,then the outflow of talent is more common.The state-owned commercial banks to retain talent,in addition to the traditional salary incentives,more need to create a good internal environment,which requires attention to the performance management of enterprises.China’s state-owned banks are big in volume,performance management design mostly stay on the top of the design,which has a wide range and system.Although from the head office,branch to sub branch,performance management system can guide the planning,but each sub branch has the personnel structure and the different customer groups,there is a lack of case design and matching of the sub branch.I am currently working in the grassroots branch,a deep feeling of this piece of the lack of.Therefore,from this point of view,a more reasonable performance appraisal management system is constructed,which can promote the realization of economic benefits and employee value.This paper firstly studies the background and theory of performance management tools in the field of business administration,under this premise,select the case of the Bank A of Tongling Development Zone Branch as the research object,carries on the case analysis of micro level.This paper mainly adopts the method of case analysis,questionnaire survey method,qualitative analysis method of three kinds of research methods.First thoroughly in the status of the research object of A branch of the existing human resources structure and branch performance management,through the form of questionnaire informed of the current performance management mode and related implementation.Combing through the qualitative analysis to the current situation of the branch,analyzes its shortcomings,mainly found in the performance management of the orientation deviation of the branch performance management,the specific assessment indicators set is unreasonable,a lack of communication in performance management,and application of evaluation results are not comprehensive.Then,on the basis of the analysis,combined with the part of the performance management theory research tools,in order to address these deficiencies,the paper puts forward specific optimization measures.Theproposed branch comprehensive performance orientation should be consistent with the higher line;the specific assessment indicators to re sort,clear the focus of the assessment should be strengthened;communication on the assessment process,while strengthening the application of all aspects of the assessment results more.Through the design of these schemes,the original performance management is optimized and perfected.Finally,through the performance of the payment of wages,the institutionalization of the program to optimize the above ideas and measures to be implemented to protect.Finally,the purpose of this paper is to improve the performance management of branch,improve the performance management of the branch,and improve the comprehensive market competitiveness of the branch.Also hope that the research of the final optimization measures can be carried out in the branch of practical operation,continuous improvement,and ultimately to the relevant branch of the bank to play a certain role in the enlightenment.
Keywords/Search Tags:commercial banks, performance management, optimization design
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