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Research On The Inheritance And Development Of Dongyang Woodcarving In Zhejiang Province

Posted on:2021-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330605969887Subject:Rural and Regional Development
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Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Party,the state has attached great importance to the inheritance and promotion of Chinese traditional cultural thoughts,humanistic spirits,and humanistic feelings,and folk craftsmanship is the vivid expression of the nation's excellent traditional cultural connections and culture.History tells us that the unique cultural tradition is rooted in the social environment of the corresponding natural ecology and specific cultural space.It has continuity and lag,which affects the national identity and cohesion and affects the subsequent social and economic development.In the new historical period,researching,understanding,digging,and grasping the essence of outstanding traditional skills and culture,under the concept of sustainable development,selective protection,reasonable inheritance,and innovative development are our missions and new The requirements of the development of the times.The Dongyang wood carvings,which were included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage in 2006,got their names because of the place of origin.In 2013,Dongyang City,Zhejiang Province was also awarded the title of "World Wood Carving Capital" by the World Handicraft Council for "Dongyang Wood Carving".Dongyang wood carving,a folk modeling craft created and handed down from generation to generation by local craftsmen in Dongyang,not only brings a rich artistic atmosphere to the wooden daily necessities commonly used by people,but also creates a large number of excellent works to stay in the world.His heavy historical connotation and vivid cultural expression.Digging in and understanding it can make it a cultural resource required for humanistic heritage and economic development under the new normal.The practice path and promotion strategy of Dongyang woodcarving protection are based on the analysis of its protection status,and exert its advantages to strengthen the static protection of Dongyang woodcarving;protect the advantages of existing inheritors and strengthen the cultivation of a new generation of woodcarving people;give play to the existing industrial foundation,Strengthen the pace of development of the cultural industry;give full play to the advantages of education inheritance,strengthen the education talent training path in four aspects proposed a specific and feasible practice path.From increasing policy support,accelerating industrial development guidance;increasing talent training,accelerating the protection of core skills;accelerating brand building,increasing brand premium;increasing base construction,highlighting the role of base protection in four aspects,proposed specific and feasible upgrades Strategy.
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