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Research On The Reform Of The Rural Basic Service Supply System On The Basis Of Farmers' Satisfaction

Posted on:2020-12-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330578964599Subject:Marxism in China
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The new era puts forward new requirements for the supply of rural basic public services.When the 19th national congress of the communist party of China proposes the rural revitalization strategy and draws the grand blueprint for comprehensively building a modern socialist country,it clearly points out that the equalization of basic public services will be basically realized by 2035.2018 No.1 Central Document,the opinions of the CPC central committee and the state council on the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy,details the goal and task of realizing the equalization of basic public services.This is an important measure to promote the coordinated development of economy and society and the overall development of urban and rural areas under the background of China entering a new era.Since the 18th CPC national congress,China has made remarkable achievements in the development of basic public services.But overall,the contradiction between the supply and demand of basic public services is still prominent,especially the supply system of rural basic public service.The paper is mainly divided into six parts.The first part elaborates the research status of rural basic public service supply system at home and abroad.The second part introduces the basic concept and theoretical basis of rural basic public service supply system.The third part is by studying the current situation of different kinds of rural basic public service supply system,we can grasp the overall network of rural basic public service supply system.The fourth part investigates and analyzes the farmers' satisfaction with the rural basic public service supply system.The fifth part systematically analyze the existing problems and reasons of rural basic public service supply system at the macro level from the overall situation.The sixth part puts forward suggestions to further improve the rural basic public service supply system.Through the literature research and field research,It is found that the basic rural public services urgently demanded by farmers are new rural cooperative medical care,new rural endowment insurance,rural compulsory education,rural public health,rural public employment and rural public culture.A macro-level study of the overall network of the six basic rural public services supply systems is conducive to the establishment and improvement of basic rural public services in China.The supply system of service supply level has important theoretical and practical significance.In recent years,with the strong support of the central government,the rural basic public service system has made great progress,farmers' satisfaction overall good.The new rural cooperative medical care supply system and the new rural medical care supply system have been set up rm a more reasonable way,the funding guarantee mechanism and the operation mechanism are more perfect,the performance level is constantly improved,and farmers'satisfaction is extremely high;the supply system of rural compulsory education and rural public health has been constantly improved,which has been recognized by farmers,but it still needs to be improved in terms of personnel allocation;the rural public employment supply system and the rural culture supply system are limited by the differences in the level of economic development in different regions.The development process of most rural areas is slow,but some achievements have been made,farmers' satisfaction is gradually improved.There are still some problems in the specific operation process of rural basic public service supply system on the basis of farmers5 satisfaction:first,the imbalance of supply structure;second,the imbalance of power and responsibility allocation of rural basic public service providers;third,the operation mechanism of supply is unreasonable;fourth,the financial security mechanism is imperfect.How to establish and improve the rural basic public service system adapted to China's national conditions has become a problem that must be faced with and urgently so ved.Based on the above analysis,first of all,it clarifies the dialectical relationship of effective coupling of rural basic public service supply system from a macro perspective,the close connection of the six supply systems should be strengthened,and their respective roles in the whole basic public service supply systen should be brought into play.Second,the expression of fanners' demand from the guarantee factors of the rural basic public service supply system should be strengthened,optimizing supply management system,the public finance system should be reformed,the supervision and guarantee system should be improved,and the laws and regulations system should be perfected.
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