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The Research On Situation Awareness,Performance And Effectors Of Them Of Emergency Rescue Teams

Posted on:2021-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330632453266Subject:Industrial engineering
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Emergency management is one of the core contents of emergency rescue.In the process of emergency rescue,rescue workers often face complex and rapidly changing situations.Situation awareness describes the ability of the operator to perceive,understand and predict the information elements of surrounding environment.The level of situation awareness of team members is closely related to rescue performance.This study takes the emergency rescue teams as the research object,explores the influencing factors and formation mechanism of the team situation awareness and team performance,and explores the relationship between the two.In this study,two experiments are conducted.The subjects are all senior students of the Fire Command Department of China People's Police University.Among them,the experimental data of Study 1 is taken from the graduation drill of 364 senior students in June 2018,this study constructed a relationship model of Big Five personality dimensions,daily cooperation network density,individual situation awareness and team situation awareness;the experimental data of Study 2 is taken from a competition of 360 seniors in April 2019,this study constructs a relationship model of Consciousness,shared mental model,internal motivation and team performance;the experimental data of Study 3 is taken from the same drill with Study 1's,and preliminary exploration the relationship between team situation awareness and team performance.Based on this,Study 3 chooses the sacrifice case of emergency rescue team members of Liangshan Muli forest fire on March 30,2019,and uses Propositional network analysis to elaborate the importance of team situation awareness on team performance and further verifies the relationship between the two.This paper analyzes data and tests hypothesis by using consistency analysis,correlation analysis,regression analysis and social network analysis,and gets the some conclusions: 1.About the effectors of team situation awareness: at the team level,the Openness dimension and Neuroticism dimension of Big Five personality significantly predict team situation awareness,in which Openness positively predicts team situation awareness and Neuroticism negatively predicts team situation awareness;the average level of individual situation awareness of team members can enhance the predictive effects of Openness and Neuroticism on team situation awareness;the density of the relationship network formed by members' daily cooperation can inhibit the predictive effect of Openness and Neuroticism on team situation awareness.2.About the effectors of team performance: at the team level,the Consciousness positively predicts team performance positively;the accuracy of team-related shared mental model plays a mediation role between Consciousness and team performance;the average level of team members' internal motivation can enhance the predictive effect of accuracy of teamrelated shared mental model on team performance.3.About the relationship between team situation awareness and team performance: team situation awareness is a key effect of team performance in emergency rescue team.If the team situation awareness is sufficient or correct,it will have a serious effect on the rescue performance and the safety of the emergency recuse team itself.The research results will complement and improve the formation mechanism of team situation awareness and team performance.It will also help enrich China's emergency management theory,and provide scientific suggestions for the selection and training of emergency rescue team.
Keywords/Search Tags:Emergency Rescue Team, Situation Awareness, Team performance, Big Five Personality, Shared Mental Model
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