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The Study Of Investigation On The Effectiveness Of The "Three-Three System" Teaching Reform In Nanjing University From The Perspective Of Students

Posted on:2017-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Cultivation of talents is the most basic function of higher education.With the problem of talent training quality appeared,many colleges and universities have realized that the key to improve the quality of talent training lies in deepening the teaching reform.Form the beginning of the 20th century,many domestic and foreign research universities in order to improve the quality of talent training,successively carried out the reform of undergraduate teaching and explored the new mode of personnel training,so that the undergraduate teaching reform of research university continues to heat up.Beginning in 2009,the Nanjing University on the basis of the previous reform experience to implement the "three-thirds system" undergraduate course teaching reform.A new round of undergraduate teaching reform adhere to the purpose:"suitable to the development of the students,is worthy of our pursuit of',and"centered on students' development" as the breakthrough point,to vigorously promote the talent training experience of Kuang YaMing college,"broadening the basis,to encourage cross,individual choice and gradually put in place".The reform has attracted widespread attention and praise,and won the top prize in 2014 national teaching achievement award in teaching reform of higher education.However,for the teaching reform,the students are the most right to speak.Students,such as customers in Colleges and universities,whose feel is most able to reflect the quality of products and services.Therefor the evaluation of the effectiveness of teaching reform in Colleges and universities,can't be without taking into account the views of students.Since the teaching reform of the "three-three system" adhere to the "undergraduate students as the center",then from the student perspective to examine the effectiveness of the reform is necessary,but also meaningful.But in the eyes of students "three-thirds system"reform is?How is the specific implementation of the various departments?The main goal of reform is achieved?In order to further improve the undergraduate talent training in Nanjing University,the students have any suggestions?This research is mainly around these problems to expand an in-depth investigation.In this study,fully experienced the "three-three system" Nanjing University undergraduate teaching reform of students as the research object,through the interview method to survey thirty-one students' undergraduate learning experience,explore their overall feelings on the "three-three system" undergraduate teaching reform as well as to the evaluation of various reform measures,and the success of the reform and the existing problems were analyzed,and put forward the corresponding Suggestions and countermeasures,in order to better improve further the "three-three system" of Nanjing University undergraduate course teaching reform.Studies have found that the student to the "three-three system" the overall feeling is relatively fuzzy,it is difficult to clearly state the complete content of the reform of the "three-three system",but the specific measures of the reform involved more understanding;The students gave a definite confirmation of reform ideas,but the idea that specific implementation level remains to be improved;Students too passive in the process of reform,the reform neglected the students as the main body of education function.The "three-three system" teaching reform is mainly around these seven aspects:the idea of talent cultivation,teaching plan,training path,courses,teaching methods,student course selection and students' professional choice.Compared with the reform before,these seven aspects do have a lot of changes,the students of these seven aspects of the evaluation,the overall satisfaction is higher.However,there are still many problems in the implementation process.This research argues that in the reform of"three-three system",students enjoy great autonomy,but cannot get reasonable use;course resource are rich,but the quality of curriculum need to be improved;general curriculum is very popular with the students,but the lack of the concept of general education,which implementation effect is contrary to the original intention;academic atmosphere is good,but employment guidance still needs to be strengthened.The students surveyed put forward a lot of relevant recommendations on the reform of the "three-three system",the author put it into four aspects:curriculum construction,teaching management,student management and school ethos.This study suggests that in order to further improve the "three-three" teaching reform,the following recommendations can be based on comprehensive analysis or revelation:strengthen the accommodation of general courses and professional courses,comprehensively promote the curriculum reform;the freedom of the innovation learning,reconstruct the rights and responsibilities of college students system;establishment of mechanisms for implementation of "three-three system",to ensure the effect of the reform.
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