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The Investigation And Research On Culture Education Of Chinese Course In Senior High School

Posted on:2020-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Cultural education is an important measure to overcome the shortcomings of examination-oriented education and improve students ' humanistic accomplishment and comprehensive quality.In recent years,both the state and local governments have issued policy documents on Chinese excellent traditional culture,and the "cultural inheritance and understanding" of the Chinese curriculum is also put forward in the general high School Chinese Course Standard(2017 edition).Culture education of Chinese course in senior high school can not only inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture,but also cultivate students ' good spiritual character,but the present situation of culture education of Chinese course in senior high School is not optimistic,and there are some problems in different degrees: in the course of curriculum,there are some problems,such as unclear subject of curriculum,monotonous curriculum form and lack of characteristic curriculum.There are some problems such as insufficient analysis of teaching materials,insufficient selection of teaching materials and improper use of teaching materials.In the aspect of teaching methods,there are some problems,such as the separation of teaching and teaching and research,and the single teaching method.In the aspect of evaluation,there are some problems,such as small evaluation scope and insufficient evaluation method.To a certain extent,these problems affect the implementation of culture education of Chinese course in senior high school,violate the intention of culture education of Chinese course in senior high school,and have an impact on the inheritance and development of China's excellent traditional culture.In view of the above problems,starting from the actual situation,based on Redmond Williams' s theory of cultural classification,from the four angles of curriculum,teaching materials,teaching methods and evaluation,the following countermeasures are put forward: in the aspect of Chinese cultural spiritual education,we should establish the concept of high school Chinese curriculum "with students as the main body",deeply study the content of teaching materials To excavate the rich spiritual connotation of teaching materials,teachers should adhere to the organic combination of practice and research,pay attention to teachers and deeds,expand thescope of evaluation,pay attention to emotional evaluation.In history Cultural classics education,we should enrich the Chinese curriculum form of Senior High School,focus on supplementing the content of history teaching materials,make use of various resources,realize the diversification of teaching methods,pay attention to the diversification of evaluation methods,and increase the intensity of classical reading evaluation In the aspect of social life mode education,we should combine the regional culture to develop the high school Chinese School-based curriculum,deeply explore the folk culture in the textbook,adhere to the teaching method of the unity of knowledge and conduct,and increase the evaluation index of the life experience.
Keywords/Search Tags:High school Chinese, cultural education, traditional culture, countermeasures and suggestion
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