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Research On The Relationship Between Enterprise Scientific Talent Incentive Mode And Innovation Performance:Regulation Of Innovation Environment

Posted on:2018-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330596954697Subject:Business Administration
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"12th Five-Year" period,China successively put forward the development strategy of "innovation driven" and the development philosophy of the "big five" innovation.And "13th Five-Year program" clearly pointed out that the implementation of innovation driven must be scientific and technological innovation as the core and the development of talent as a support.This also shows that innovation,especially in science and technology,is at the core of national development,as well as the strategic role of scientific and technological talent in innovation development.As the designer and organizers of innovation activities,the scientific and technological talents are the main body of scientific and technological innovation,and has become a crucial factor in promoting economic growth.As the key of modern enterprise management,incentive occupies the core position of enterprise management.Therefore,it is of great significance for the development of the country and the enterprise to realize the combination of science and technology talents and incentives,and the combination of incentives and innovation,to promote innovation performance through the use of scientific and technological personnel incentive.Based on the theory of incentives,this study takes the scientific and technological talents of enterprises as the research object,focusing on the research topic "the relationship between the incentive mode of scientific and technological talents and enterprise innovation performance under the innovative environment".The purpose is to explore the following problems:(1)the mechanisms of different incentive modes for innovation performance;(2)the mechanisms of innovation environment on innovation performance;(3)the effect of innovation environment in the incentive mode and innovation performance.Through qualitative and quantitative research,this paper summarizes the relevant theories and literature,drawing on the existing maturity scale,forming the research hypothesis,conceptual model and questionnaire.And the SPSS and AMOS softwares were used to test the reliability and validity of the sample data.And then the corresponding variance analysis,correlation analysis,hierarchical regression analysis were carried out to explore the relationship between incentive mode,innovation environment and innovation performance.Finally,the structural equation is used to examine the moderating effect of innovation environment on the positive incentive and innovation performance.Through research and analysis,this paper draws the following conclusions:(1)the incentive mode has a significant impact on innovation performance;(2)innovation environment has a significant impact on innovation performance;(3)the relationship between the innovation environment and the innovation performance is positively regulated by the innovation environment;(4)the innovation environment positively regulates the relationship between positive and negative incentives and innovation performance.The innovations of this study are as follows:(1)constructing the analytical framework of the science and technology talent incentive mode that includes the negative incentive model,to explore the relationship between different incentive modes and enterprise innovation performance;(2)revealing the moderating effect of the innovation environment on the relationship between the scientific and technological personnel incentive mode and the innovation performance;(3)analyzing the relationship between innovation environment and innovation performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Science and technology talents, Incentive model, Innovation environment, Innovation performance
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