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The Study Of The History And Contemporary Revolation Of The Youth's Life Meaning

Posted on:2020-10-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330596970306Subject:Ideological and political education
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The study of youth's Life Meaning is an important topic which affects the premise and orientation of young people's personal development.How to help young people establish a healthy and positive view of life,which also fits social development and embodies the characteristics of the times,is the basic premise of personal value and ideal pursuit.For the study of youth's Life Meaning centered on "Pan Xiao's discussion",it is necessary to adhere to the principle of historicalism.Starting from the perspective of historical traceability,based on the analysis of a large number of historical documents of literature,“Pan Xiao Discussion” is carried out in the context of the historical development of youth's Life Meaning.From the height of exploring the rule of the development of youth's Life Meaning,this study investigates and analyses the various discussions and major events concerning it since the May Fourth period.By reviewing and analysing the "Pan Xiao Discussion",this study draws inspirations for cultivating the meaning of “struggling” for the young people on the basis of summarizing.This article divides the study of youth's Life Meaning into four chapters.The first chapter: the historical traceability of youth's Life Meaning.The first is to sort out the development stage of youth's Life Meaning,including the meaning of youth in the pursuiting,in contradiction,in transition,and in continuous "struggle",from the debate between science and metaphysics,the discussion of ideality and happiness,the thoughts under the reform of the economic system,and the series of speeches by the leaders since the 18 th National Congress,to trace the evolution of the mainstream life outlook of the society.The second is the summary of the historical rule of the development of youth's Life Meaning.The main points of view include presenting individualism,highlighting social holism,demonstrating independent and independent personality,and pursuing the development of free personality.From the perspective of development characteristics,it is mainly a combination of change and invariance.The second chapter: The review of the "Pan Xiao discussion".The first is about using Pan Xiao's discussion as the factual basis for studying youth's Life Meaning.The main reasons include the importance of individual development,the value of ideological emancipation and the convergence of youth growth.The second is about the evolutive traceability of Pan Xiao's discussion.The retrospective of the Life Meaning under the historical dimension is first of all,including the changes of the times and beliefs,the contradictions of reality and life,and the economic transformation and the emancipation of the mind.Also about the reflection of the Life Meaning in the reality situation,from the confusing stage,the discussing stage to the climax stage and to the end stage and reflection,to elaborate on the beginning and end of the entire historical event.Finally,to summarize the Life Meaning with the logic of epistemology,and to analyze the gap between ideal and reality,the ugly of social and interpersonal relationship,and personal and self-worthy seeking.The third chapter: the essence of "Pan Xiao discussion." The first is to interpret the three pairs of relations focused on by Pan Xiao's discussion,including the relation between individualism and collectivism,the relation between life ideals and social reality,and the relation between human development and social development.The second is to present the meaning of contemporary youth.It is summarized as the confusion of collective interests and personal interests,the entanglement of idealism and realism,and the choice of value and the savage choice of development.The fourth chapter: the basic experience of "Pan Xiao's discussion" and the practical enlightenment guiding youth's Life Meaning.The first is to summarize the basic experience in the process of “Pan Xiao Discussion”.The experience mainly includes the discussion of scientific system,the discussion of seeking truth from facts,the discussion of subliminal guidance and the discussion of state support and protection.The second is using realistic revelation to cultivate youth's Life Meaning.It is presented from educational methods and educational content.
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