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Research On The Teaching Of Historical Materials In The Edited Teaching Material Outline Of Chinese And Foreign History(?)

Posted on:2021-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the advancement of the new curriculum reform and the compilation of the textbooks the Edited Teaching Material Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(?) gradually applied in some provinces and cities,high school history teaching has ushered in new challenges and history teachers' teaching methods Keep up with the times."History teaching" has become an increasingly popular teaching method in recent years because of its wide application and high feasibility.Due to the large volume of the textbook the Edited Teaching Material Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(?)and the increase in the conclusive content,teachers need a lot of historical materials to support the teaching purpose when teaching,which makes it difficult to balance the volume of historical materials and the class hours;The new textbooks are only trial-tested in six provinces from autumn 2019,and there are few teaching examples.There are some contradictions between teachers'previous theoretical knowledge and the new textbooks,which has caused some deviations between the teaching theory of historical materials and teaching practice;The compiling textbook the Edited Teaching Material Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(?)is based on the knowledge that students have acquired in the junior high school stage.Because some students ignore the memory of historical facts in junior high school,teacher presupposition and student practice have appeared in the teaching practice.Contradictory contradictions.In order to solve these problems,the teaching of historical materials needs to adopt a new strategy:First of all,the principle of large unit teaching should be followed.The layout of the Edited Teaching Material Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(?)breaks the boundaries of politics,economy,and culture,and the content contained in each unit Complexity,teachers can condense the unit theme during lesson preparation,and connect the whole unit with it;secondly,choose the teaching focus,stick to the unit theme,see the big and small,and form an effective connection of "point-line-surface";third draw thinking The map is divided into "knowledge point map" and "core literacy map",and use this as a guide to carry out classroom teaching;finally,in order to ensure the rationality of the historical materials used in the lectures,it is necessary to base on the textbooks and select to meet the students' cognitive level,Accurate and diverse historical materials,and use this to carry out teaching activities.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Edited Teaching Material Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(?), Historical Data Teaching, Large unit teaching, Dukes Dispute, hundred schools of thought contend
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