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Study On The Selection And Application Of Picture Historical Materials In The Outline Of Chinese And Foreign History(?)

Posted on:2022-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306524499934Subject:Subject teaching
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In high school history teaching,the teaching of picture historical materials has attracted much attention.The effective use of picture historical materials teaching can improve students'interest in learning history,stimulate their enthusiasm for learning and improve classroom efficiency.With the further development of the curriculum reform,the textbooks compiled by the Department began to be used in most areas of the country.In the new textbook "Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(?)",the picture historical materials occupy a large proportion,so it is of practical significance to discuss the teaching of picture historical materials.This paper focuses on the selection and teaching application of picture historical materials in the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(?).The article consists of five parts:The introduction introduces the background and significance of the topic,and combs the research status.The first chapter mainly introduces the selection of the picture historical materials in the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(?),including the distribution and classification.The article divides the picture historical materials in the textbook into four categories:historical figures,historical maps,historical scene maps and historical material maps.The second chapter in the first chapter on the basis of the classification of the selection of historical picture characteristics and value of further detailed analysis.The third chapter,based on the analysis of the first three parts,further discusses the feasibility of using picture historical materials in the teaching of Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(?),and the significance of using picture historical materials in high school history teaching,and puts forward the problems and suggestions that should be paid attention to in the teaching from three aspects of schools,teachers and students.
Keywords/Search Tags:History teaching, Historical materials of pictures, Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(?)
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