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Research On The Teaching Material Of The Outline Of Chinese And Foreign History Compiled Under The Guidance Of Historical Materialism

Posted on:2021-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330623473754Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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The compilation of historical textbooks is the foundation of the national "soul casting project",which is related to the state power and reflects the state will.Therefore,it is necessary to compile the history textbook to embody the historical materialism,and the history teaching under the core accomplishment of the discipline needs to take the historical materialism as the guiding ideology.The 2019 edition of the textbook the outline of Chinese and foreign history for high schools organized and compiled by the ministry of education embodies the guiding ideology of historical materialism.The article explained the historical materialism is a scientific view of history,this paper discusses the historical materialism is the guiding ideology of "the outline of Chinese and foreign history textbook,infiltrated by mining the outline of the Chinese and foreign history textbooks of historical materialism and embodies the basic idea of the basic categories of materialist dialectics,put forward the outline of Chinese and foreign history textbooks used in teaching in order to highlight the specific Suggestions of historical materialism.This paper sorts out the content standard of curriculum standard,the selection of teaching material content and the structure of teaching material compilation in the textbook of the Chinese and foreign history compendium of the unified high school.It is emphasized that the teaching material of the outline of Chinese and foreign history should be guided by the historical materialism,set up the correct view of the teaching material,and deal with the relationship between the historical materialism and other historical views.We should adhere to the correct ideological guidance and value judgment to interpret history,master the standard and method of historical materialism to analyze and evaluate historical events and historical figures.We should deeply understand that historical materialism is the soul of the core accomplishment of the discipline,and pay attention to the effective connection with the content of the history textbook of junior middle school,so as to achieve the goal of the core accomplishment of the discipline.In order to realize the special function of "casting the soul and educating the people",it is necessary to grasp the historical materialism and integrate the teaching materials with various teaching methods.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese and foreign history outline, historical materialism, Teaching material compilation, Casting the soul education
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