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Study On The Application Of Illustrations In The Senior High School "Chinese And Foreign History Outline"

Posted on:2022-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Illustration was an important part of the contents of history textbooks with vivid image,intuitive and easy to understand characteristics,it not only conformed to the psychological cognitive characteristics of middle school students,but also can simplify and sublimate the textbook content in time and effectively."The Chinese and Foreign Historical Outline(I)" showed high quality,Highlight patriotism and national identity in terms of content,closely linked with social hot issues,closed the distance between history and reality.The effective use of textbook illustrations was an important way to realize the core accomplishment of history discipline.Investigations had revealed that most teachers could attach importance to and use illustrations in history teaching,but there was lack of teaching of illustration reading and method,and the purpose of using illustrations was not clear enough.As a result,students were unable to understand the illustrations correctly,there were misunderstandings about the role of illustrations in history learning.Different types of illustrations needed to select targeted use strategies;Teachers on the basis of teaching methods.On the basis of teaching methods,teachers also needed to reasonably design the presentation of illustrations;Combined illustration with text effectively to make full use of teaching resources;The problem setting was combined with the proper white space to cultivate the students' independent inquiry ability.Practice had proved that the correct use of illustrations by teachers in class would influence students imperceptibly to promote the realization of the teaching goal of core literacy.Teaching had a method but no fixed method.The effective application of textbook illustrations needed a long teaching practice,Teachers needed to explore constantly in teaching,so that the value of textbook illustrations can be brought into full play.
Keywords/Search Tags:Illustration, The Chinese and Foreign Historical Outline, History teaching
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