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A Study On Habermas' Theory Of Communicative Action And The Reconfiguration Of Teacher-student Interaction

Posted on:2017-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512454595Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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New undergraduate colleges are the product of popularization of higher education transition period,the new undergraduate colleges education management is an important component of the completion of educational goals.Today the face of science and technology,information age,how to deal with new situations,solve new problems the school to continue to study and practice.In this paper,the status of literature,questionnaire method to illustrate the new TCM undergraduate education management institutions,problems and causes,as well as the need to address the issue of education and management,and come up with practical strategies provide a reference for the development of new colleges.In this section we introduce the topic of reason,and the theoretical and practical significance of topics,research methods,finishing in Englishsummary of offer.New Situation in Traditional Chinese Medicine Colleges of Education Management.Situation introduced institutions,as well as education management system.The situation of the students management team,the development of the concept of education and so on.Institutions and causes of Education Management Problems.It describes the content of education management,education management philosophy.educational,social,personal reasons of education pipe Management and institutional issues.Proposed class management education institutions policy.Education Management Schools combined with class issues,the reasons for the problem of theoretical points Analysis,summed up the work in order to make education management institutions,to pay attention to constantly update the philosophy.Education needs to adapt to the times,to improve the education management system,strengthen education management team,as well as ways to promote relevant education and management work together to provide support for the development of the New University.
Keywords/Search Tags:Newly built, TCM universities, Student education management
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