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Research On The Selection And Compilation Of Cultural Celebrities In Intermediate Chinese Teaching Materials

Posted on:2021-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2435330623971115Subject:Chinese international education
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Cultural celebrities are the elites and role models of the society,the leaders of the country,nation and society who represent the development direction of the society.Cultural celebrities in any field are prominent representatives who have inherited the fine cultures from our forefathers and further advanced culture development based on innovation.On one side cultural,cultural celebrities spread Chinese to world and promoting cultural communication between countries.On the other hand,cultural celebrities plays an important role in improving national image and making learners understand objectively development and changes of China.Cultural celebrities play a significant role in imparting cultural knowledge so that learners can have a better understanding of cultural knowledge and national values.Apart from spreading excellent Chinese culture so that learners are able to learn Chinese culture in a more comprehensive and deep way,cultural celebrities in TCFL textbooks can promote culture teaching and shape nation image,even the cultural image of nation.Besides,cultural celebrities in TCFL textbooks can improve learners' acceptance and recognition of culture and promote cross-cultural exchanges in an effective way,thus enriching the research on figure image in TCFL textbooks.In today's world where countries around the globe maintain an increasingly close relationship with each other,cultural exchanges increase in the wake of international exchanges.Cultural celebrities,as cultural symbols and role models,have attracted wide attention,and cultural celebrities in TCFL textbooks deserve more attention.Based on the previous research on the cultural celebrities in TCFL textbook,experience is summarized in the paper.The cultural celebrities in the textbook of intermediate are selected as the research object in this paper,and cultural celebrities in four TCFL comprehensive textbooks and two TCFL culture textbooks are taken as the samples of analysis.Based on the theoretical acculturation hypothesis,input hypothesis,affective filter hypothesis and theory of textbook evaluation,the research is conducted by means of textbook and documentation analysis,questionnaire survey,data statistics and research analysis.The body of the paper is composed of four parts: first,the concept of cultural celebrities are defined and then classified;second,after a concrete statistics and analysis of the basic situation of the selected cultural celebrities in the six sets of TCFL textbooks,it is found that the presentation form of cultural celebrities in TCFL textbooks,the selection characteristics and the value of cultural celebrities in TCFL textbooks are to spread Chinese culture,shape the national image and enrich TCFL textbooks;third,Nearly 100 foreign students and over 50 teachers who teach Chinese as a foreign language are surveyed and their understanding anddemand for cultural celebrities are also analyzed;fourth,problems of selecting cultural celebrities in TCFL textbooks are found out,besides,based on the principles of compiling textbooks for TCFL summarized by the previous people,suggestions on the selection principles of cultural celebrities in TCFL textbooks and the content compilation and design of cultural celebrities are put forward in the paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:TCFL textbook, cultural celebrities, compilation suggestions
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