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Rural Education Research In The Anti-Japanese Base Area In Northwestern Shandong Province

Posted on:2018-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330542471749Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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At present,the study on the education of the period of the Anti-Japanese War has accomplished a great deal,but it is very rare to study with a rural base.Therefore this article choose the rural region of northwest of Shandong as the object of study.The time horizon is from 1937.9 to 1945.9.This article aims to summarize and conclude the colorful teaching contents,flexible organization forms,special teaching methods in order that they can provide guidance for current reform of rural education and the construction of new socialist countryside.The arrangement is analyzing reasons,elaborating process,summarizing characteristics,concluding effects.First of all,the paper analyzes the situation of anti-Japanese base area in the early period of the Anti-Japanese War and the influence for peasant's life and the progress of Anti-Japanese that the base generated so that the importance of rural education is understood.Secondly,with the clue of time,the paper divides the progress of rural education into four stages,and elaborates the development of each stage.Thirdly,it summarizes the colorful teaching contents from three aspects:the war of resistance,democracy and people's livelihood.It summarizes the teaching characteristics of rural education in the northwest anti-Japanese base area from the aspects of organization form and teaching method.Finally,it summarizes the influence of rural education on the training of warfare personnel,the development of grassroots anti-Japanese armed forces,the cooperation of rent reduction and interest reduction,the promotion of grassroots political power,the formation of good social atmosphere,and gives the rural education in the northwest anti-Japanese base proper positioning.To a certain extent,eight years of rural education movement not only changed more than two thousand years of feudal land relationship,the relationship between rural class and the feudal conservative views,but also made the rural new appearance,cooperated with the development of Anti-Japanese War in northwest anti-Japanese base of Shandong region,cultivated the excellent talents,formed a good mass base,promoted the construction of the grass-roots regime.All of these has made great contribution for the victory of the Anti-Japanese War,the new-democratic revolution in the country and the establishment of new China.Although more than 70 years have passed,the great initiative that the rural education movement of northwest anti-Japanese base of Shandong made is still worth recalling and thinking today.
Keywords/Search Tags:Northwest Anti-Japanese base of Shandong, Rural education, Peasants, the Anti-Japanese War
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