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Research On The Influence Of Social Network Embedding On Sme Bank Lending Behavior

Posted on:2020-07-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Based on the theory of social network,transaction cost theory and enter-prise fi nancial inter-mediation theory,this paper takes some enterprises of small and mediumsized enterprises in Changchun as a sample,and attempts to divide the social network with SME into government-enterprise network,bank-enterprise network and enterpris e network.The industry-university-research network,from two levels,faces the empirical analysis of the relationship between social n etworks and SME bank loans,namely: First,the embeddedness perspective.Exploring the interaction between sub-network quality on loan capacity and the quality of net work development.Second,the sub-network relationship strength angle.Exploring the im pact of sub-network relationship strength on the availability of SME loans and loan quotas.It is confirmed that in the context of the exist-ing institutional environment in China,the social network relationship of different types of SME is crucial to the i mpactof bank loans on SME.Then draw the following conclusions:First of all,the availability of bank lending and the amount of loans brought ab out by different social network relationships are different.The government-enterprise n etwork,the bank-enterprise network,and the corporate network have a significant positive correlation between loan availability and loan quotas.There is an inverted U-type relationship between the network and SME credit,that is,the first half promote s credit,the second half inhibits the effectiveness of credit,and the industry-universit y research network generally brings more significant growth opportunities and profita bility to SME.Second,the bank-enterprise network relative to the government and en terprise network and enterprise network will bring higher loan availability and loan q uota,but bank-enterprise network loans are mostly used for investment in fixed asset s.The investment tends to come from small and medium-sized enterprises using phys ical invest-ment for mortgage loans.As regards SMEs,the risk of investment in no n-substantial direction is relatively high.The relationship between banks and banks is relatively significant.SMEs have a significant risk aversion tendency.Finally,the rel ationship between firms has the lowest correlation with SME lending,and the relatio nship between firms.The more complex the network,the more atten-tion the SME hav e to the liquidity of the capital chain,and the more attention they pay in the businessprocess is the amount with guarantee of cash flow,SMEs have strong environment al adaptability and adaptability,and are not trapped by cash cut-off.
Keywords/Search Tags:small and medium-sized enterprises, social networks, bank lendingbehavior, industry-university research network
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