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The Application Of Mind Map In The Teaching Of The Outline Of Chinese And Foreign History(part ?)

Posted on:2022-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Mind map is a scientific recording method,usually presented in the form of a network structure diagram,often containing a central theme and various symbols,lines,graphics,etc.,which can concret and visualize brain thinking,which is conducive to brain information The acquisition,storage,processing and output ofWith the promotion of the "the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History " across the country,due to the large volume of new textbooks and the increase in new knowledge,there are various problems in the learning process of teachers,professors and students at this stage.In order to better use the new textbooks,implement the five core qualities,and cultivate the historical thinking of middle school students,now focusing on the " the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Part 1)",the mind map is applied to all aspects of high school history teaching at the current stage,aiming at practice For the various problems that exist,give specific solutions and cases,and explore the significance of mind mapping in actual history teaching.First of all,focusing on several schools in Haikou City,the current situation of mind mapping in middle school history teaching was investigated,and it was found that the understanding of the mind map itself is insufficient,the students' understanding of historical knowledge is not enough,and the teacher uses a single mind map model,etc.problem.Secondly,put forward some suggestions for improvement,such as strengthening the publicity and practice of mind maps,enriching students' historical knowledge reserves,enhancing students' awareness of problems,and insisting on teaching students as the main body.Finally,take a new lesson and a review lesson of the third unit of "The Prosperity and Crisis of the Early and Mid-Qing Dynasty" in the new textbook as an example to show the case of the mind map in the middle school history teaching,and then explain that the mind map is in the " the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History "(Part I)" the importance and necessity of the teaching and learning process.
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