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Teacher Curriculum Research

Posted on:2014-01-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1107330467964556Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Originally the teacher and the curriculum are integrated, and teachers can play a crucial role in the whole course of operation. But because of various factors, the relationship between teachers and the curriculum becomes actually divided. Teachers often separate themselves from the curriculum, and only act as mechanical executors of the curriculum. With the transformation of curriculum theory research model, with the deep reform of basic education curriculum and with the gradual awakening of teachers’ consciousness of curriculum rights, the voice---returning the curriculum to teachers, and the current situation of the teacher-based curriculum as well as its countermeasures attract people’s attention by degrees, especially in the basic education circles.The teacher-based curriculum refers to the implementation and evaluation of curriculum after teachers understand and design national curriculum through practical teaching. Compared with national curriculum which pay great attention to presupposition, basis and unity, the teacher curriculum features autonomy, generation, creation, situation and difference. The teacher-based curriculum also has obvious advantages and values of closely contacting life, enhancing the relevance of curriculum, improving the effectiveness of curriculum implementation, promoting the development of students’ personality, strengthening teachers’professional quality, and perfecting the curriculum implementation theory.The teacher-based curriculum can become an important course form, mainly because it has a relatively solid scientific theory basis, such as Existentialism, Pragmatism, Post-modernism, Hermeneutics, Symbolic Interactionism, Critical Theory, Humanism, Constructivism, Multiple Intelligences, Practical Curriculum Theory and Process Curriculum Theory, which can provide a solid theoretical foundation for the teacher-based curriculum. Learning from the above theories, the author explores the development process of the teacher-based curriculum and the relevant requirements, i.e., how to understand, design, implement and evaluate curriculum. In order to practice more rationally, combining with his own practice and the related achievements, the author summarizes some basic operation principles from some predictable and full understanding aspects.In addition to Literature Research Method and the Experience Summarization, the author conducted a questionnaire survey by Stratified Sampling and Cluster Sampling method in more than120schools of5cities in Fujian province, and Structured Interviews (including written discussion) were made to nearly50Chinese teachers from36schools of7cities in Fujian, Jiangxi, and Hainan provinces by Purposive Sampling and Convenience Sampling methods. Meanwhile, the author also visited and evaluated classes from first grade of primary schools to grade2in senior middle school, including33Chinese classes and2math classes. The survey shows that teachers’ curriculum consciousness and ability are improved obviously with the process of quality education discussion and the further promotion of curriculum reform. However, some problems on teaching at will also appeared. The teacher-based curriculum study aims to further highlight the advantages of it, standardize and improve the teachers’behavior in class.Teachers are the main constructors and head of the teacher-based curriculum and their qualities have a decisive influence on the quality of the teacher-based curriculum. Enhancing the quality of the teacher-based curriculum ultimately relies on teachers’ personal qualities. Therefore, teachers should try to strengthen curriculum consciousness, read up on curriculum standards, study teaching materials, and reflect on teaching so as to improve their teaching ability and teaching effect. At the same time, departments of education, education research groups, school leaders, parents and social public should provide a supportive external environment for teachers in primary and middle schools teaching activities by propagandizing curriculum policy, offering professional leading, optimizing curriculum management and reforming evaluation mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:teacher-based curriculum, connotation, characteristics, value, development process, status analysis, promotion strategy
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