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The Study Of The Allogeneic Accountability System

Posted on:2013-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374481985Subject:Administrative Management
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In2003, the public crisis "SARS" provides an opportunity for the development of administrative accountability system, both practice and theory. The study of administrative accountability sysytem reached a climax, achieved many fruitful results and comsensued on many issues until2007. Then the research storm got a slow cooling while it adapted to the reform of Chinese administrative system and the government construction itself. Up to now, in the premise of a serious research fruits and in the new background and social environment, we exactly need to summarize and explore about the administrative administration system. According to different subjects of accountability, the accountability system can be divided into single-subject accountability and allogeneic accountability. Compared with the single-subject accountability, the allogeneic accountability will comply with the requirement of the development of socialist democracy. However, at the moment, most of administrative accountability is in an "absence"state, both in practical and theoretical aspects, they are lack of dedicated and systematic exposition. There are less specialized literature and no monographs. The theoretical and practical significance of conducting insight research into this issue is to promote the establishment and improvement of the administrative responsibility criticism system and contribute to the construction of our responsible government. Especially in the current status, the research about allogeneic accountability system can improve the quality of the civil service and reshape the government’s image. It also promotes democratic development and social progress.This paper tries to provide a theoretical basis for the construction of the allogenenic accountability system, through the research about the allogeneic accountability system basic theory. By studying the allogeneic accountability system of England, France and the United States, as the representative of the western developed countries, we try to summarize the experenices for the allogeneic accountability system of our country and analyze the reason of our problems in allogeneic accountability system. On the basis of the above research, this paper concludes and puts forward the specific proposals to improve the allogeneic accountability sysytem:to clear the subject and rights of the allogeneic accountability system, improve legislation and legal system for allogeneic accountability; cultivate a healty culture of allogeneic accountability; perfect the relevant supporting systems; appropriately refer to the experience of western allogeneic accountability etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative accountability, Allogeneic accountability, Subjece ofAccountability
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