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The Research On The Organization Form Of Product Development And Design

Posted on:2005-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125458659Subject:Art of Design
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Product development and design is a kind of activity that is organized as to enterprise. The organization form affects efficiency of the activity. Nowadays technology has increasingly become the core factor of economics, obviously characterized by crossing and fusing. With the development of economic globalization, the technological cooperation relation between economic bodies is even tighter, characterized by various organization forms. Meanwhile with the support of IT and advanced ways of management, the organization form of technologic innovation is mostly characterized by organic fuse between multi-principle, cross-function group and ranked organization, especially the product development team.Treating the form of R&D organization on enterprise in the activity of technological innovation as object, the classifying of the forms, relevant characters and internal function is studied in this article according the way of combining surface and inherence. So that the meaningful reference on the form of R&D organization is provided. These conclusion as follow has been got. Firstly, in view of market environment and technological conditions, concurrent model has become the inevitable trend and basic form, requiring multi-principle fuse , crossing function and mutual communication, so that concurrent model is characterized by the form of team. Team is the basic form in the activity of innovation. Secondly, the form of R&D organization in enterprise can be classified as technology center, organization based on project and new venture division. The system of R&D in enterprise is made up of three kinds of hierarchy. The different and tight technologic forms are adjusted to various factors such as market, technology and so on. Thirdly, in the case of acquiring outer technology, there is relative advantage and shortcoming in each form of R&D organization shaped with the outer. The efficiency of concurrent model functioning between organizations is tightly relevant with the modular extent of technological object and the tight extent of cooperation form of technological innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Product Development and Design, Concurrent Model, Team, Cooperation
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