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Design And Application Of Team-Cored Performance Management Model--The Project Design Of PM System Of PA Co;Ltd

Posted on:2005-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360125963984Subject:Business Administration
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In the performance management (PM) practice, great importance has been attached to individual performance while team performance and organization objective are overlooked. As a result, PM practice falls into formalism, and can't work. Traditional PM is based on the absolute disassembling of work, while in fact we often find out many tasks cannot be broken down completely. Simultaneously, there also exists the conflict between traditional individual appraisal and the fact that modern team closely works together. To solve the two above-mentioned conflicts, this paper builds up a team-cored PM model, which extends traditional performance cycle to the range of a team of the whole organization. Focusing a set of PM system and methods which are based on team performance and which are suitable for the current characteristics of organizational behavior, this paper engages in an innovative discussion. Applying the theory of management on team, strategic, performance, and human resources. This article has done the following work based on bibliography study and particle application:1) Introducing the concept of team and its types, analyzing the limitations of traditional PM, and pointing out the objective and necessity to set up the model of team-cored PM.2) Bringing forward a model of team-cored PM; analyzing the following in emphases: PM basis and implementation flow, index system and evaluation standard set-up and performance evaluation of intellectual teams. When setting performance objectives, MBO (Management By Objectives), BSC (Balanced Scorecard) and KPI (Key Performance Index) are used comprehensively. 3) While taking PA co., Ltd as an example, probing for methods to realize the team-cored performance model, including performance objective planning, performance index set-up, implementation and application effect of performance appraisal etc., thus discussing the practice condition and extent of team-cored PM model; confirming the feasibility of team-cored PM in practice.To conclude, the team cored PM model can contributes to better integration of performance management with team and it can provides thinking and guidance methods for enterprises enforce effective management.
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