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The Research On The Organization-structure Of Field Trade Union Of None-public-owned Enterprises In Wenzhou

Posted on:2008-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245952663Subject:Public Management
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With the reform and opening-up, non-public-owned economy in Wenzhou has undergone a rapid growth and become the main strength in the development of the national economy. Meanwhile, we are in the social transitional period, because of the imperfection of the market economy system and non-standard management of the labor relations, the conflicts about the labor and capital are increasingly becoming the problems under the condition of "strong capital and poor labors". Therefore, problems like how to strengthen the union work of the non-public-owned enterprises in Wenzhou, giving prominence to its functions to maintain workers' rights, realizing the harmonious relationship of labor and capital, have attracted the importance of the local party committee and government. Those problems above also aroused trade union systems in Wenzhou to think and solve them. Since this is not only linked to the improvement of the status of Wenzhou trade union, but also have an important inspiration and referential functions for the development of union organizations in other areas.This paper probes into how to promote the union work of the non-public-owned enterprises, widely use means of analysis like literature research, survey research, comparative analysis, data analysis, diagram analysis. In the aspect of theory, cite and explain corporatism and relative union theories; in the aspect of practice, analyze and research the development of the workers' movement in an out of the country, the present situation and problems of the union organization systems in Wenzhou, increasingly outstanding conflicts of the labor and capital. Besides, this paper notes that the crucial problem to strengthen the union work of the non-public-owned enterprises is to practice the creative system of the union organization, to construct the middle-leveled union organization between the local union and the union of the enterprises. That is, on basis of societal corporatism theory, linking developed chamber and commerce, to construct the organization of the trade union in order to make an effective breakthrough of the union work of the non-public-owned enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-Public-Owned Enterprises, Corporatism, Field Trade Union, Organization-Structure
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