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The Research On The Experiencing Type Teaching Mode Of The Application Study In Professional Sports Education Hurdles Teaching

Posted on:2006-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360152486322Subject:Physical Education and Training
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"Studying experience type teaching mode" is carrying out " Decision on deepenningreform and advancing quality-oriented education of implementation in an all-round way of theState Council of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China " and " the StateCouncil reforms the outline about basic education course ", and on the studying study coursetheoretical foundation. So it is produced in the theoretical research course of innovativeeducation in a more cost-effective manner. This text is to our country most sports institute department , depending on the teachingpractice overly the cultivation of student teaching skill, and during the time at school seldominvolve the phenomenon of teaching skill trains, theoretically to study the experiencingteaching mode applicating in high teacher professional sports education track and field subjectteaching and it proves to be feasible in theory. Experiment reflects studying person whoexperience teaching mode can improves teaching skill of student to help furthermore thantraditional teaching through teaching; Through studying person who experience appraisalform of teaching can raise student observation ability , analyse problem , solve ability ofproblem; Through questionnaire investigation reflects studying the experiencing teachingmode is easier to form the good classroom atmosphere than traditional teaching, cultivation ofharmonious teacher-student relationship and innovation ability. So the experiment is verified through the theoretical research: Studying the experiencingtype teaching mode has scientific rationality. It suitable for high teacher sports educateprofessional track and field subject teaching and for applying other sports teaching of subjectand offerring beneficial reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:Studying experience type teaching mode, Physical education, Track and field technique lesson, Ability
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