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Study On The Teacher Human Resource Management In Newly-established Undergraduate Academies

Posted on:2007-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360185963063Subject:Higher Education
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With higher school's large-scale recruit in our country, higher education in our country have entered a popular style stage. Newly-established undergraduate academies have important history mission on their shoulders to realize popular education and meet people's requirement to higher education. Newly-established undergraduate academies usually grew up from technical academies. Teachers' teaching lever, scientific research ability and other abilities in these schools can't suffice demands of the development of undergraduate academies. This article supports that promoting scientific of human resource management in newly-established undergraduate academies is not only impersonal demand of building Chinese characteristic social democracy to higher education but also newly-established undergraduate academies' self-development and important existent term under new conditions.This study mainly have three parts : the first part introduced teachers' human resource management and its relative content by the numbers beginning with conception of human resource management, which have provided theoretic base; the second part mainly compared teachers troops of five newly-establish undergraduate academies in Hunan with those of old brand undergraduate academies, we found that human resource management in newly-established undergraduate academies have a few problem to solve, such as management environment requiring improvement, shortage of teachers, irrational teachers structure and lower lever of teachers' teaching and scientific research ability, and profoundly analyzed the causes of those problems; In the third part, contraposing problems motioned above about human resource management of newly-established undergraduate academies, we discussed primary countermeasures about strengthening human resource management of newly-established undergraduate academies from aspects such as changing management thoughts, improving structure of teachers troops, fully enhancing teachers' synthesis diathesis, optimizing teachers management environment and exalting managers' diathesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:newly-established undergraduate academies, teacher, human resource management, countermeasure
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