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Research On Specialty Construction Of Newly-established Colleges

Posted on:2009-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360272457828Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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In 1999, higher education in our country is becoming extending cosmically, in order to make up the shortage of educational resource, some newly-established colleges have been emerged as the times require, and this new force suddenly rises. Most of these newly-established colleges are merged or ascended by outstanding ones of three-year colleges. They have been arisen late than other colleges or universities and gotten a weak basic, so, their task for specialty construction is really hard.Although the newly-established colleges acquire several achievements, they face a series of problems which need investigate and dispose earnestly, at present, the research about newly-established colleges'specialty construction still weakly. As a result, this theme is provided with important realistic meaning and academic merit. This paper are on the basic of summing up theory system for specialty construction, analyzing the main problems in newly-established colleges'specialty construction, discussing the countermeasure for specialty construction, in order to offer reference for newly-established colleges'longtime development.This paper includes four parts:Part 1: The author expounds the meaning of investigation on newly-established colleges'specialty construction, and generalizes the actuality of investigation on newly-established colleges'specialty construction which is based on a great deal of literature, moreover, defines the content and method of the investigation.Part 2: The investigation on theory of specialty construction. The author differentiates and analyzes the concept of the specialty and the specialty construction, advancing the definition of newly-established colleges, dissertating the theory of specialty construction plentifully. The newly-established colleges should definitude that the precondition of specialty construction is the exact orientation, their specialty construction should based on subject construction and guided on social requirement, taking course construction as the kernel, following the principle which means practical and realistic, service, dynamic and forward. At the same time, those colleges take these characteristics, such as newly-established, local and single-subject. So, the newly-established colleges'specialty construction should follow the basic educational principle and innovate a new way.Part 3: Analyzing the reality of newly-established colleges'specialty construction. Actually, the newly-established colleges gain several definite achievements, but they still have some problems such as lack layout of specialty construction, think much of specialty setting, make light of specialty construction, narrow specialty range, many same specialties, faulty construction of teachers, specialty construction and course construction are disjointed. Mostly, the reason is that the newly-established colleges don't take exact orientation; their leaders don't pay much attention to specialty construction and their disposal of dealing with specialty construction and subject construction are not proper; lack of outlay for specialty construction, short of sense for undergraduate course and so on.Part 4: Considering for strengthen the specialty construction of newly-established colleges. Comparing the three-year's education and four-year's education, and also comparing newly-established colleges with other colleges and universities, in order to define the orientation of college, that is, take teaching as the main task. This kind of college should give priority to undergraduate education, stand by local place, face to society, serve to whole country and bring up high level person with apply ability. Based on above, the newly-established colleges'specialty construction ought to advance on time, adapt the development of society and economic, bring up high level person with apply ability, take students as the essential, bring up student's ability such as independence and innovative, form leading ideology which means logical specialty structure, meanwhile, pay much attention to the development of connotation. Aiming at the problems of newly-established colleges'specialty construction, we should use systemic viewpoint to look on and work hard on specialty construction; take students as the essential; define one's duty; work hard on widen the channel for financing; get well in the layout for specialty construction; strengthen the teachers construction; strengthen subject and course construction; innovate mechanism for teaching management; establish the select mechanism of market-oriented specialty development, decision-making mechanism of community-participant specialty development, keystone construction of specialty development; consummate the evaluating system of specialty development.
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