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Research On Local College Teacher Human Resource And Management Model

Posted on:2009-12-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360272487256Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The education is the foundation of a nation. Along with the arrival of"Knowledge Economy"and its continuous development, human resources plays more and more important position in high education. The development and management of university human resources is the core factor in affecting the development of universities and it has became one of important projects that the universities are currently facing.This research is based on the present conditions of human resources in China universities. From the perspective of Motivation theory, Human Management theory, Human Capital theory, System theory, and the domestic and foreign classical management theories, this paper combines the systematic model of human resources development and management with the concrete characteristics of universities, highlighting the research on teaching staff resources which is the key component of local universities. By analyzing fully the present position and current problems existing in the development and management of teaching staff in China local universities, the paper focuses on constructing a creative model which consists of development system and management system, inside this model, the two systems enjoy a relationship of mutual independence and also mutual coordination. Currently there are mainly four kinds of models: Teaching staff resources double track development model, the local universities strategic target model, the multi-dimensional motivation model, the equal balance between development and management model. The four models are only attempts to provide theory and application references in the work of teaching staff resources development and management. The paper also proposed many constructive strategies aiming to solve the existing problems in teaching staff resources development and management of local universities.Facing the opportunity and the challenge in the new age, the university human resources must establish the idea that human resources should be the priority resources. This could help the university administers to transfer the traditional personal management idea into providing instruction and references to promote universities human resources management, help to transfer the teaching staff resources into talented person superiority. This is the objective demand in the new age that only talented person can power a nation and only the talented person can strong a university.
Keywords/Search Tags:university teaching staff, human resources, development and management model
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